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Please come out help support this wonderful cause: WOD for Dogs is a national workout to raise money for improving the lives of homeless dogs.  Wallace the Pit Bull Foundation is partnering with gyms and rescue organizations across the country in order to raise money, educate, and encourage the adoption of amazing dogs waiting for a home to call their own.  WTPB Foundation is splitting all funds raised with local organizations of the participating gyms’ choice, so donations through these gyms directly help local organizations making a difference within their communities.  Wallace the Pit Bull Foundation will be making additional donations to New Mexico Pets Alive and Safe Humane Chicago to support their life saving programs that others can use as models to make a difference in the big picture!  We’re excited for the positive impact this will have on homeless dogs everywhere, and greatly appreciate your support!

With the help of Coach Michael, we are going to make this WOD a lot of fun!!! The more reps you get in this WOD, the more Hammer Down will contribute to this cause!!!! So, yes it’s a fun WOD, but come prepared to WOD HARD!!!!

Thursday: 140821

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Part A) Back Squat (20 minute cap)

Part B) AMRAP 12
3 Power Cleans 135/95
6 Front Squats 135/95
9 Pushups

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Wednesday: 140820

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Notes: Striking class has been moved to Sunday’s at 9:00 AM, Pilates is being moved to Saturday at 7 am. We are going to try these new times out to see if they help. Normal CrossFit class will still operate at 7am on Saturday.

Deadlift (40 minute cap)
5 Reps@75%
3 Reps@85%

Plank Hold Test post WOD

Tuesday: 140819

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WOD for Dogs; this Saturday: Buy a shirt here: (There was some trouble for me with the website, but maybe it will be working tomorrow. A little bit about the cause:
Wallace the Pit Bull Foundation supports programs across the country that help improve the lives of rescued dogs and the people that help them. Last year, we supported Playing for Life, which we plan on continuing. We’re also working toward opening our own facility so that we can directly help dogs ourselves, and provide yet another option for safety.

Part A) Front Squat: (20 minute cap)
5 Reps@75%
3 Reps@85%

Part B)
For time:
1000 meter row
50 Thrusters 45#
30 Pullups

Compare to: 140203

Monday: 140818

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A Very BIG Thank you to Coach Michael for organizing a fun time at Hammer Down on Saturday!!!! Some big events coming up, please check whiteboard!!!

Part A) Press: (15 minute cap)
5 Reps@75%
3 Reps@85%

Part B) For Time:
Mile Run
30 Push Jerks 155/115

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If you were wondering why you didn’t see Matt Chan at all during the games (even as a commentator or spectator, watch the video below. There is some graphic content so beware.)

Saturday: 140816

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In Teams of 4:

Part A) 4 Rounds
Teams will run in pairs, after each 265 meter loop, they will rotate through the following 4 movements.
25 Ball Slams
10 Shoot Thrus
Farmers Carry
2 Rope Climbs

Part B) Each member will establish their 1rm Overhead Squat

Part C) Surprise

Friday: 140815

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Coach’s Notes: 3 Part Team WOD this Saturday cleverly designed by Coach Michael. Can anyone remember the last time a heavy lift was included in a Saturday WOD?

2 Rounds for time:
800 Meter Run
25 Push Presses 95/65
25 Box Jumps 24/20 inch

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