MONDAY: 151130

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Purpose: Execute Upper Body Strength Skill Under Metabolic Stress

Warm-Up: 10 Burpee Broad Jumps, 1 Seal Walk Length, 10 Ring Rows, 10 Russian Dip, 5 Strict Pronated Pull (Rings, Bar, Lower Rings if need leg assistance)

Overhead Squat 4×2 @ 80%
Widowmaker Set (Max Effort OHS Set into immediate Back Squat reps until 20 total reps are reached)

Manage your Own Clock, For Time: (30 minute Cap)

Front Squat #175/115 (135/85 masters)
Burpee Muscle Up *scale listed below
—-Rest 2 minutes—-
Front Squat #155/105 (105/75)
Ring Dip **scale listed below
—-Rest 2 minutes—-
Front Squat #135/95 (105/75)
C2B ***scale listed below

SCALES:*Box Ring Muscle Up (SEE VIDEO)**Russian Dip (SEE VIDEO)***Strict Pronated Pull

SATURDAY: 151128

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Warm Up: 5 reps each tabata exercise

Tabata And Some:
Bulgarian Split Squats (alternate rounds)
Shoulder to Overhead #115/75
Goblet Squats #53/35
Shoulder Taps (scale: floor facing, feet on wall) (hardest: from kick up)
Split Lunges/Jumping Lunges
Bottoms Up SeeSaw Press
Land Mine Front Squat

Ring Dips

***one minute rest between each exercise (8 tabata rounds of Bulgarian split squats, 1 min rest. 8 rounds S2OH, 1 minute rest,…etc)


FRIDAY: 151127

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Warm Up: Up to 1 minute handstand hold, :30s side plank each, 10 slow burpees, 10/each 1-arm thruster #30/20, 10 empty bar muscle cleans, 20 scap shrugs

11 minutes to complete:

Dumbell Thrusters #35+/20+

Dumbell Plank Rows (left and right=1 rep)

5 minutes REST between 11 minute efforts

11 minutes to complete:

20 lateral bar burpees
20 clean and jerks #155/105 (115/75 masters)
15 lateral bar burpees
15 clean and jerks #155/105 (115/75 masters)
10 lateral bar burpees
10 clean and jerks #155/105 (115/75 masters)


Programming Notes:

Lateral Bar Burpee: Full hip extension is NOT necessary over the bar.

Clean and Jerks: Options include power clean, power jerk, full clean, split jerk. No split cleans. No push pressing. 


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Happy Day of Giving Thanks! From all of the coaches at Hammer Down, thank YOU for your smiles, your sweat, and “for being the only you that there is” (Mr. Rogers paraphrase)…also see Todd’s post below under “Thank You.” 

Reminders: 8am and 9am classes only on Thurs/Fri.  You can register under events in Zen Planner.



30 – 20 – 10 OF:

Slam Ball #25/20

Box Jumps, 20″

Kettlebell Swings – American! (53/35)

(10 minute cap)


AMRAP 16:00

In teams of four

Deadlift #135/95




Switch every minute on the minute.

Score is total number of combined reps.


80 Partner Wall Ball Toss (switch spots at 40 reps) #20/16, 10′

Every time you drop the ball, one Burpee


Thank You

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Reminders: 8am and 9am classes only on Thursday and Friday.  You can register under events in Zen Planner.

Thulin Happy Hour:   Also, quick reminder:  Friday Night December 4th at Jackson’s come on out for the Thulin gowing away Happy Hour!   7ish…  Tim and Morgan have been some long time members and coaches in our community.  Tim brought the strongman program to Hammer Down and we are forever grateful for his efforts.  Morgan as well.  Morgan being the poster child for our Strong Women at Hammer Down!   And everyday you see the American Flag over our water fountain you can think of the Thulin’s for putting that together for us.   It will be a sad day when we see them go.  So come on out and have a drink with two of the nicest people in the world.

For everyone who is traveling for Thanksgiving have a very safe trip!  If you are driving long distances don’t forget to get out of your car and stretch your back, hamstrings, etc…!

I am always so thankful for the wonderful community we have at Hammer Down.   It really is amazing!  I’d like to first thank my wonderful coaching staff!!!    When I first started Hammer Down, I coached pretty much coached every class.  I had a couple of original members who got their level 1s who would help out on Saturday mornings, but nothing official for almost a year after I got started.  After a year it was clear that burnout was real.  Even though I love coaching, teaching, and helping people obtain a better life, it was clear that coaching 21 classes a week was going to burn me out within a year.  It was at this time that I felt that bringing on coaches was the next step in the evolution of Hammer Down CrossFit.

One of the things I am most proud of at being the owner is the fact that everyone of my coaches was first a member without any personal training experience (maybe a few exceptions over the years).  Having been a member for at least a year and the way we develop EVERYBODY gives the membership an enormous amount of personal value.  Think about that for a second.  Let’s say you are a member here at Hammer Down… you’ve been coming here consistently for a year….  now let’s say you are traveling someplace and you have access to a global big box gym.  Would you feel comfortable grabbing a barbell and doing some heavy power cleans?  I feel confident in saying that the answer is most probably yes.  How many other people in that big box gym could say the same thing?  We teach and stress fundamentals at every class.  When a member is interested in being a coach, they already have 50% of the knowledge.   And I am quite thankful that the coaches want to obtain the other 50% because they want to help the rest of this community!!!    I am SO thankful for the wonderful coaching team here at Hammer Down!   Through the years I would describe the team as a fluctuating group of people.  In fact only two of the original set of coaches are still with us.  Jon Rankin and Cindy Revesman.   I am especially thankful for both of you!!!   Thankful in a way that is hard to describe in words.  I believe that my entire coaching staff as a whole is the best one ever assembled at Hammer Down.   I feel like I can literally devote an entire blog post to each one of them, their accomplishments, their goals, their desires (within fitness), so many things!  We as a community are truly blessed to have them!  So next time you come to class, give them a big chunky hug!  (or just a thank you!).

I’d also like to give a very special Thanks to Coach Katie who has been programming your workouts over the last 6 weeks.    For those of you who want to understand more about the program feel free to drop me a note, talk to me or her…. But she summed it up beautifully to me and the rest of the coaching staff on Saturday.  “A gymnast can be turned into a weightlifter with little ease, but a weightlifter cannot be turned into a gymnast without significant work”.   (I may have misquoted a bit).  And to state the benefit, the gymnast has some significantly strong body parts that will keep you healthy.  (note: not talking about turning you into an Olympic gymnast, but gymnastics in general and wherever that may be for you on your journey…. maybe it’s just the ability to do 10 real good pushups or getting your first pull-up…. the point is that the program is about creating that balance between the gymnastic effort and the weightlifting effort with emphasis on keeping you healthy.)

I am also so blessed by having such a wonderful community of people!  Over the last two days I have been approached by several members who want to help make the community a better place.  Their ideas are great and will lead to many new things and maybe even opportunities for all of us.   Someone once said “it takes a community”.  And I know that somewhere along this journey one our members said “it takes a community to keep our coach Todd happy and sane”.   I carry that sentiment on my heart everyday.   So I would like to thank both Cheryl Lawson and Jill Arias with their great ideas and very thoughtful time!  They are two examples of why this community is so awesome!  Cheryl is having me develop a survey that will come out (VERY SOON)!  We want to hear from you THE COMMUNITY!!  This place is as much yours as it is mine and I want to make sure I am delivering the things you care about.  And Jill is going to help get us into the 21st Century with better Social Media.

Along with a very supportive family, coaching staff and member community my blessings are quite bountiful!

Please have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family and friends! IF you’re in town COME IN AND HAMMER DOWN!!!!

God Bless You ALL!!!!!




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Purpose: Core to Extremity Consistency, Lower Leg Muscular Endurance, and Tricep/Anterior Shoulder Strength

(1) Warm Up: 30 Sampson Steps, 20 Bulgarian Split Squats (each), 3 Wall Climbs, 10 Anatomical Push Ups, 20 Goblet Squats Heavy

(2) Strict Press 4×2 @ 80%, 1xME same weight
In between each w/u and work set, do 5/ea windmills (optional #15+/10+

(3) Descenindg Ladder:
20 Back Squats 70% BW(men)/65% BW (women), 20 Decline Pushups
19 BS, 19 Decline P-U
18 BS, 18 Decline P-U
17 BS, 17 Decline P-U
(16, 15, 14, 13, 12, 11, finish with 10 BS, 10 Decline P-U)
Total Time:
BS weight and Decline Push Up Height:

26 min cut-off

Programming Notes:

Strict Press: Recruit as much of your upper back muscles as you can. Brace your core by pushing belly out, ready for a kick to the gut. Immediate press after you brace. 

Back Squat: Use rack if you cannot clean the weight to your back. Do not let cleaning the weight to your back be a limiting factor for using heavier weight. 70% of your bodyweight for men, 65% bodyweight for women.

TUESDAY: 151124

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Purpose: Maintain Technique When Shoulders Fatigue 

(1) Warm Up

5 minutes various: DBU, Row, Assault, etc

20 Banded Dislocates

20 Banded Therapy Squats

30 Hip Swivel

(2) Snatch Complex (16 minutes)

Tall Squat Snatch-Snatch Balance-OHS-Hang Power Snatch

7×3 @30-45% 1RM

(3) 6 rounds for time:
1 Hang Power Snatch @ 65% 1RM Snatch
2 Muscle Ups OR Eccentric Muscle Up
3 Squat Snatch @ 65% 1RM
4 Handstand Push Ups OR Wall Climbs

Programming Notes:

Snatch Balance: Use heaving snatch balance, replace feet. Exception is if you are working on specific piece of the snatch and a coach directs you.