MONDAY: 151116

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Purpose: (1) Develop Single Arm Strength  (2) Lower Body Acceleration and Deceleration 

Coming soon….You will see more “classic CrossFit” style workouts to prepare you for The Open. In the meantime, let’s keep developing a strong foundation of joint integrity and better movement patterns across the board!


 (1) (Warm-Up) ***TO BE DONE BEFORE CLASS; ask a coach if you need assistance

1-legged lateral hop over barbell x10/each foot

1-legged forward and back hop over bar x10/each foot

1-legged jump to 2-6″ x10/each foot

2 rounds:

5 strict chin-ups or palm facing ring row

8/each Side Over Arch (see video BUT hips must touch ground)


(2) EoMOM 10 minutes: Rope Ascent 

Every OTHER Minute On the Minute (5 rounds of 1 minute ON, 1 minute REST)

Choose one or pick a different one for each working minute:

ALL START FROM SEATED, except for rope pull-ups

 1-3 Rope Climb Legless L-Sit (RX++)

1-3 Legless (RX+)

1-3 Legs (Rx)

3-5 Rope Pull-ups

3-5 Sit to Stand Rope Pull


(3) “TABATA”

1-Arm KettleBell Squat Clean Thrusters (men #35 or 53lbs/women #26 or 35lbs) (alternate arms each round)

Slam Balls #25/20

Shuttle Sprint 57′

Side Over Arch (alternate arms each round)

*record reps and distance of shuttle sprint (ex: 220 reps + 17 lengths/969 feet)


Programming Notes:

“TABATA” means workout HARD for 20 seconds, Rest 10 seconds. That is one round. Repeat for 8 rounds before moving onto the next exercise. So, 8 rounds of KB thruster, 8 rounds of slam balls, etc… in that order.

1-ARM KB Squat Clean Thruster: Dumbbells are OK if limited bells, but KB are preferred for shoulder stability development.

Slam Balls: Reach FULL shoulder lock out each rep, open hips COMPLETELY at top of each rep.

Shuttle Sprint: Use full length of floor (57′). No need to pick anything up, just count how many lengths you get by the end of 8 rounds of shuttle sprints. Start EXACTLY where you left off from your previous sprint, which might be in the middle of the floor.

Side Over Arch: Hips MUST touch the floor for each rep and arm MUST stay locked out through entire rep.

SATURDAY: 151114

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Purpose: Just like Sung has been a great friend to all of us, partner up with someone and let iron sharpen iron. Let’s get down and dirty, but always with pristine technique in mind :) 


(1) Warm Up ***TO BE DONE BEFORE CLASS; ask a coach if you need assistance

Cardio 3 minutes: Bike, Run, Row, or Jump Rope

30 Arch Body Rocks, 30 Hollow Rocks

1-leg lateral hop x10/each

1-leg forward/back x10/each

1-leg 2-8″ plate jump x10/each

10 Bear Complexes #45/33

5 Overhead Squats, VERY slowly #45/33

“The Rising Sung”
AMRAP 35 Minutes
30 double unders (scale= 15 single unders per leg)
30 Power Cleans #135/95
30 double unders
30 Thrusters #115/75
30 double unders 
30 Overhead Squats #95/65
30 double unders 
30 Push Jerks #95/65
30 double unders
30 SQUAT Snatches #95/65 (see video) 
Programming Notes: Partner WOD (2 people)

One person works whilst the other person does: (1)Hollow Hold, (2)Arch Hold, or (3)Side Plank Hold

Score is total reps or rounds plus reps. If you get through squat snatches, start back at the beginning. Sung would!

FRIDAY: 151113

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Purpose: Unilateral Leg and Arm Strength and Balance

Hammer Downers: You may have noticed many movements in the past few weeks have been addressing unilateral strength. This is essential for maintaining a healthy balance of functioning muscle synergy that fends of compensatory irritations of the muscle, ligaments, and tendons. You may have noticed some movements addressing straight-arm strength; the integrity of the joints must always precede the muscle growth surrounding those structures. You may have noticed many movements addressing hip acceleration. The healthiest people in the world have healthy hip extensors (and flexors) that propel this movement, and if you want to be better at the Olympic lifts and life in general, USE THOSE HIPS/GLUTES!

Coming soon….You will see more “classic CrossFit” style workouts to prepare you for The Open. Keep your britches on, keep your mind strong, and let us keep our hammer in our hands at all times, oh strong ones.

(1) Warm Up ***TO BE DONE BEFORE CLASS; ask a coach if you need assistance

10/each Bulgarian Split Squats

10L,10R Lateral HS Walk against wall

8/each KB RDL #35/26

6 weighted jump squats #30/20 dumbbell or slamball

4/each windmills


(2) Bulgarian Split Squats:
20/each no weight
7 sets to reach heavy DB/KB 8RM each leg


(3) 6 rounds:
(Round 1,3,5 = left side reps)
(Round 2,4,6= right side reps)

12 1-Arm Kettlebell Push Press 1.5 pood/1pood
10 Weighted Jump Squats #30/20 (choose implement)
8 1-Leg Barbell Deadlift (choose moderate weight) (scale= KB RDL #53/35)


Programming Notes: 

6 rounds: Round 1/3/5 do 12 kb push press on left arm and 8 barbell deadlift on left leg

Round 2/4/6 do kb push press on right arm and barbell deadlift on left leg


THURSDAY: 151112

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Purpose: Develop Beautiful Olympic Lift Pulls

(1) Warm Up ***TO BE DONE BEFORE CLASS; ask a coach if you need assistance

20 overhead walking lunge steps #15/10 plate

20 Vertical jumps with barbell at hips #45/33

1 minute Hollow Rocks

2 rounds: 6 pullups or jumping pullups, 25 GHD Hip Ext


(2) Snatch Grip Deadlift: (SEE VIDEO)
4×2 Snatch Grip Deadlift 80% 1RM Snatch (2″ blue plate deficit optional)
1x M.E. Snatch Grip DL (no deficit)


(3) 4 Rounds for Reps:
1 minute Hang Snatch Pulls #125/85 (SEE VIDEO)
1 minute Dumbbell/Kettlebell Overhead Walking Lunge #25/15
1 minute Pull-ups (Strict, Kip, Rope, Chin-Up, Commando, etc) (bar or rings) or Ring Rows
1 minute rest :)


Programming Notes: 

Snatch Grip Deadlift: Stand on blue plate for a 2″ deficit. You’ll need to drop your caboose lower than you’re used to and stay in that “finish line tape” posture all the way to the knee. Work on finding your power position/”sweet spot” consistently as you stand up. You’ll need to be aware of that position when we move into the Hang Snatch Pulls.

DB/KB OH Walk Lunges: Keep moving forward with the steps. Arms in FULL lockout.

Pull-Ups: Choose a type that you need the most work on. Ex: Strict Rings, Rope, Alternate Grip, Kip, Butterfly, or Ring Row variation. You may choose to CHANGE your variation for each of the pull up minutes ( 4 types possible by the end of the workout) 



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Purpose: Enter into the Dark Place in Honor of Major David “Klepto” L. Brodeur 

(1) Warm Up ***TO BE DONE BEFORE CLASS; ask a coach if you need assistance

20 Box Step Ups #10-30 dumbells at side

30 Arch Body Rocks 

10 Med Ball Squat Cleans #25/20

8 of each: Front Squat, Muscle Clean, RDL #75/55

30 vertical jumps to bar or rings 



4 rounds for time of:
27 Box jumps, 24″ box
20 Burpees
11 Squat Cleans, 145 pounds

Andrew Manderino 16:34, Ryan Johnston 17:29. Post time to comments.

U.S. Air Force Major David “Klepto” L. Brodeur, 34, of Auburn, Massachusetts, assigned to the 11th Air Force, based at Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson, Alaska, died on April 27, 2011 in Kabul, Afghanistan, of wounds sustained from gunfire from an Afghan military trainee. He is survived by his wife Susie, daughter Elizabeth, and son David.

Programming Notes:

Box Jumps: Jumping is a full body expression, not just a leg drive. When fatigue is knocking, keep the upward arm swing. Breath and fire up to the box with tight form, and the movement will feel more clean, crisp, and slightly “easier.” 

Burpees: This is where you enter deeper into the dark place. Hear your mind speaking the barriers into existence (“you need air,” “you need rest,” “yikes, 3 more rounds”) and OBLITERATE those thoughts by responding. Respond with grit. Respond by moving with flawless movement. Respond with a sense of pride in your countrymen and how they have sacrificed! 

Squat Cleans: Women’s weight is suggested @ 105 lbs. Stand on a floor or chalk line and make sure to replace feet to squat stance ON THE LINE. Just like the box jump, focus on clean, crisp barbell fluidity. This means, footwork stays on a horizontal line and barbell sweeps right up the shirt as if to lift it off–which should be the only reason your shirt ever comes off ;) 


TUESDAY: 151110

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Purpose: Midline Stability and Posterior Chain Muscular Endurance

(1) Warm Up ***TO BE DONE BEFORE CLASS; ask a coach if you need assistance

Row 250m FAST

10 Banded Overhead Squats 

10 KB Deadlift #70/53

10 Heavy Slam Ball to Shoulder (see video)


(2) Strength

4×2 Overhead Squat @80% 1RM
1x M.E. OHS (same weight as above)


(3) Metabolic Conditioning 

Stone to shoulder (moderately heavy)
Row Kcal

MONDAY: 151109

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Purpose: Midline to Extremity Power Production

(1) Warm Up ***TO BE DONE BEFORE CLASS; ask a coach if you need assistance

20 Slam Balls #25/20

20 Scap Shrugs

10 Hip Swivel

10Left, 10 Right, Lateral Handstand Walk against Wall

10 Weighted Sit-Up to Slam Ball #25/20 (SEE VIDEO)


(2)15 EMOM (Every Minute On the Minute):

Clean and Jerk 70-80%
Start at 70% and get to 80% by end of EMOM


(3)For time:
14 Hand Stand Walk Steps OR 1 minute HS Hold
14 Weighted Sit-Up to Slam Ball  #25/20 (SEE VIDEO)
14 Weighted Sit-Up to Slam Ball #25/20
14 Push Up, hands on Slam Ball #25/20
14 Weighted Sit-Up to Slam Ball #25/20
14 Push-Ups
14 Burpee with Slam Ball #25/20 (SEE VIDEO)
14 Slam Balls #25/20

Programming Notes:

15 EMOM: Minute 1=70% 1RM Clean and Jerk. Do 1 rep. If your first lift in minute 1 felt sloppy, stay at 70% for minute 2. The goal is that when you feel a clean, crisp solid lift, then you self regulate and add weight for the next minute. Don’t worry about recording for each minute what you lifted, just note what you started with and the weight you ended with. If you are hitting lifts with great technique, you may end up doing 80% for a majority of the EMOM.

Ex: Min 1=70% (hit the lift, but had to chase the bar)

Min 2= 70% good technique, so add weight for next minute

Min 3= 75% great technique

Min 4-15= 80%, only drop weight if technique falls apart