Saturday: 150411

Posted: April 10, 2015 by Todd Katz in WODs

On April 13, 2014, a man fatally shot three people at the Jewish Community Center of Greater Kansas City. JCC members and a coach from nearby Meshugge CrossFit were first on the scene, helping the injured until paramedics arrived.
In remembrance of the 14-year-old boy who died, Meshugge CrossFit created REAT, a workout bearing his name. This year, the affiliate will again host a fundraising event on April 13.

Dr. William Corporon
William was a man of strong faith, a physician, who loved spending time with his grandkids camping and hunting. He was killed while taking his grandson, Reat, to KC SuperStar auditions.

Reat Griffin Underwood
Reat was a freshman at Blue Valley High School where he participated in debate and theatre. He was an Eagle Scout who enjoyed spending time camping and hunting with his grandfather, father and brother. He had a beautiful voice and was on his way to try out for KC SuperStar.

Terri LaManno
Terri was an upbeat, positive person who worked as an occupational therapist who helped children adjust to vision problems. Her children remember her selfless devotion to others. Terri was on her way in to Village Shalom to visit her mother

Hammer Down CrossFit will make a donation for a fund the JCC is starting in the Victim’s honor.


14 rounds of:
4 clean and jerks (75 percent of 1-rep max)
13 pull-ups
14 double-unders

Friday: 150410

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Notes: Depending on size of the class, the coach may divide you up where half the class Rows first.

Part A) Snatch (Technique work Follow this protocol:) If a full snatch is not yet in your wheelhouse work areas that will best get you there.
using light weight start with:
snatch grip push press
overhead squat
snatch balance
hang power snatch
power snatch
hang snatch

Part B) 1K Row

Thursday: 150409

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Reminders: REGISTER NOW for the Self Defense Seminar Thursday Night at 7:30 PM. (no CrossFit classes at 7:30). We have a few spots left. You can register using Zen and the 30 dollar will automatically be charged.

Part A) Pistols (5 min. cap… 10 reps per leg)
Part B) Front Squat (20 min. cap)
5 Reps @ 65%
5 Reps @ 75%
5+ Reps @ 85%

Part C) “Fran”
Thrusters 95/65

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Wednesday: 150408

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A) Weighted Dips & Weighted Pullups (30 minutes to work up to a heavy single dip, and a heavy 5 pullup )

B) Part C) Elizabeth (12 minute time cap)
21-15-9 Reps for Time
Power Clean 135/95
Ring Dips

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Tuesday: 150407

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Part A) Pistols (7 min. cap. Continue to work depth/strength/balance 15 reps per leg)

Part B) Push Press (15 min. cap)
5 Reps @ 65%
5 Reps @ 75%
5+ Reps @ 85%

Part C)
Complete as many rounds as possible in 20 minutes of:
115 pound Push press, 10 reps
10 KB Swings, 1.5 pood
10 Box jumps, 24 inch box

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Army Staff Sgt. Jack M. Martin III, 26, of Bethany, Oklahoma, assigned to the 3rd Battalion, 1st Special Forces Group, Fort Lewis, Wash., died September 29th, 2009, in Jolo Island, Philippines, from the detonation of an improvised explosive device. Martin is survived by his wife Ashley Martin, his parents Jack and Cheryl Martin, and siblings Abe, Mandi, Amber and Abi.

Monday: 150406

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Part A) Ring Dips (7 min.cap max effort number for reps) No Bands allowed. Negatives/Holds

Part B) Deadlift (20 min cap)
5 Reps @ 65% of 1RM
5 Reps @ 75% of 1RM
5+ Reps @ 85% of 1RM

Part C) For Time: (15 min. cap)
50 Burpees
40 Situps
30 Wall Ball Shots (20/16) 10 ft.
20 Pullups
10 Strict HSPU

Saturday: 150404

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Reminders: No classes on Sunday. Don’t forget to sign up for the Practical Self Defense class this coming Thursday at 7:30 PM. You can register as an Event in Zen Planner. Space is limited. The price of the class is 30 dollars.

“The Chief”
Max rounds in 3 minutes of:
3 Power cleans 135/95
6 Push-ups
9 Squats
Rest 1 minute. Repeat for a total of 5 cycles.

Post rounds and total reps completed for each of the 5 cycles to the whiteboard and to Comments… Top score goes to Leaderboard. Workout must be done at HDCF to get on the leaderboard at prescribed weight.

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Each year in the United States Navy, a highly qualified and elite cadre of Sailors are selected and promoted to the join the ranks of Chief Petty Officer. Since 1893, “The Chiefs” have been relied upon by subordinates and superiors alike for their personal example, technical expertise and above all, their unique leadership capabilities. “The Chief” in honor and recognition of all past and present CPOs. Thanks to them and their families for their self-sacrifice, ability to adapt, tireless dedication to mission and devotion to country.