WOD: January 30, 2010 “Free Community Workout”

Posted: January 29, 2010 by Todd Katz in WODs

My Favorite Bookends

For Time:
30 Pushups
50 Air Squats

Then 10 Rounds of
5 DB Deadlifts
5 DB Hang Power Cleans
5 DB Front Squats
5 DB Overhead (choice)

30 Pushups
50 Air Squats

Post Time to Comments:

  1. Kate says:

    That was a tough one; not that they aren’t ALL tough!
    19.57, 6 rounds with 20#, 4 rounds with 15#.

    Thank you to all the coaches for helping me out today. I really do appreciate it.

  2. Jon says:

    21:15 (I think)

    Replaced squats with situps, and my 10 rounds were Pullups, KTE, situps, and strict MP with 35#.

  3. Brett says:


    25# DBs

  4. Eric says:

    43 / m/ 205

    17:40 4 reps at 30lb 6 reps at 25lb

  5. Timbo Slice says:



    45# through 8 rounds 40# rd 9&10

  6. James says:


    25 lb

  7. Sarah (salbec) says:

    Mod workout –

    100 pushups
    5 pullups, 15 air squats at any break in pushups


  8. dina dew says:

    Accidental Modified workout? Why? Too many theories. Sheesh.

    So: About 12 minutes:
    3 rounds of the complete list, bookend to bookend:
    20 push ups/ 30 squats
    5 of each middle part (15# weights)
    20 push ups / 30 squats

  9. Don T. says:

    -Poured cup of coffee
    -Read morning newspaper

    6 rounds
    90 minutes

  10. Lori Samolyk says:

    Applause to Cindy today for ROCKING this one right next to me. She was a machine.

    2 rounds with 20#, wimped out to 3 rounds with 15#

  11. Laurie Bickart says:

    25# for deadlift, front squat, hang power clean
    20# over head

  12. Mike says:

    17:43, 5 rounds with 30#, 5 rounds with 25#.

  13. Cindy says:

    kudos to Lori for being the airsquat queen today and thank you coach brett for being my guardian devil today

    #20, 12:47

  14. Carol says:

    Coming off injury was modified.

    Pushups 15
    Air squats 25
    20# for 8 rounds

    15:36 (I think)

    Felt “okay” but not strong. Form was shaky on the left arm, had to put the weight down a couple times after 6th round. Was mentally a bit hesitant and didn’t want to injury myself again that was the biggest hurdle. Air squats felt great! No soreness throughout the day and very little this morning. I’m almost back.

  15. runawayjanet says:

    Used 15lbs and did the modified pushups. 14:53?? Pushups were modified and reduced! I did 20 in the front end and 18 on the back end. 30 pushups on both sides…eh..no way! not yet. Thanks you guys. This is really fun and painful. thus the smile. Fun Pain.


  16. Kevin Thomas says:

    First time out at Hammerdown, did .5 of WOD.
    Had a great time! I’ll be coming back for more!

  17. Dean van Niekerk says:


    Yep first timer Hammerdown too, did .5 of WOD.

    I got it all mixed up tho, but it was fun, I’ve been sooo sore!! but I’ll be back..🙂

    Interested in a Wednesday eve class perhaps..?

  18. 13:20 20/30/7 rounds

    ps great chattin w u too sarah😉

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