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Posted: March 28, 2010 by Todd Katz in WODs
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Congrats to Mike and Kelli for giving it everything they had over the weekend at Sectionals! A big thank you to Sarah, Devin and Melissa for helping me out while I was judging the games… It was great seeing Cindy, Brett, Jon and Andrea there as well!!! The Sectionals were a great experience and I’m hoping that next year we can send a whole team of people to compete. CrossFit Oldtown sent about 23 people… Fairfax and Potomoc CrossFit probably had a combined 50 people…It is definitely a fun weekend!

I am so amazed at what CrossFit can give you in terms of fitness. I am looking forward to achieving a greater fitness for myself and helping coach you all through to the same levels that I witnessed this weekend… It was a lot of fun and a great opportunity to see other CrossFiters in Action. I certainly learned a lot talking with other coaches, judges and affiliate owners. I’d say the biggest thing I’m taking away from the games is that I have a new respect for my own weaknesses. Time to sharpen up and turn those weaknesses into strengths. And we will definitely have fun along the way… Even when we screw it up!!! Just means we’re removing our egos from the equation.

Monday’s WOD:

Row 1500 Meters
21 Pullups
21 95 Pound Squat Cleans
Row 1000 Meters
15 Pullups
15 95 Pound Squat Cleans
Row 500 Meters
9 Pullups
9 95 Pound Squat Cleans

Post Time to Comments:

  1. Brett says:

    Oh good lord. I don’t think I’ll be able to hold a cup of coffee for a week after this one🙂

    The weekend was awesome, and Mike and Kelli were both fun to watch. I’m putting it out there now that I’m signing up for ’11. I’m pretty aware of my weaknesses, and I’m looking forward to smashing them.

  2. Mike Lee says:

    Thanks for all the support guys! It meant a lot having you all there!

  3. Jon says:

    29:15, 75#.

  4. Alison says:

    What a way to start the week….love it!

    31:02 using 45# and skinny red band for pull up’s🙂

  5. Don T. says:

    32:22 Rx

  6. James says:

    24:06, 65lb, no band. Will try 75lb next time.

    Congrats Mike and Kelli!

  7. Todd Katz says:

    24:42 RX You can just tell when the burn is going to last all day long.

  8. Scott says:

    34:36; 65lb, grn band

  9. Dean says:

    29:39 45#, red band

  10. Sarah (salbec) says:

    red band

  11. Haley says:

    27:37 green band and HPC instead of SPC

  12. Brett says:




  13. Bob says:

    Broootal is accurate!
    27:17 75#, and very ugly- no band pullups

  14. Cheryl says:

    30:30, 35# (Big baby band pullups…)

  15. tim says:

    28:01 Rx’d

    still feelin the burn…Great job 10:30 class

  16. nicolebphotog says:

    Great job at the Sectionals Hammer Down CrossFit. I was one of the event photographers and enjoyed capturing all your accomplishments. I created an album to view the many images taken, since one never knows which ones CrossFit HQ will pick. When you click on the link, just click on “All My Photos” and choose the album titled 2010 Crossfit Sectionals.

  17. Nick says:

    26:02 Rx

  18. Carol says:

    Skinny red band

  19. mel says:

    Well I was the lone wolf at the last class. Thanks to Brett for pushing me on the rower. Kipping pull ups were completely inconsistent — especially first batch. 30:48, 45#, red band.

    Enjoyed watching Kelli and Mike compete on Saturday –great job!

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