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Posted: June 20, 2010 by Todd Katz in WODs
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From the CrossFit regional competition:

Bear Complex 115/75

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Coach’s Notes: If you don’t have a muscleup the sub is 4 pullups and 4 ring dips for each muscle up. If you have an unassisted ring dip, you can do 2 muscleup transitions for each muscle up. In the bear complex the order is deadlift, hang power clean, front squat, over head press (may be a thruster), back squat, overhead press. Do the complex in conjunction with the above rep scheme, not the traditional bear complex. All other rules apply: 1) Don’t take your hands off the bar, 2) Do not rest in your deadlift setup.

  1. kel says:

    12:58. Almost rx’d. Last 2 muscle ups were transition. Weight & other muscle ups rx’d.
    Still sore from 3 wod’s sat….

  2. Katelyn says:

    17:56, 53# bear complex. started blue band p/u’s — went back to green. Mostly blue band ring dips.

  3. James says:

    17:27, 75lb bear, pullups + red band dips

  4. Paulo says:

    20:10 minutes

  5. Wolfenstein says:

    6:19 rx
    loves seeing so many athletes at 0600!
    Congrats on a crazy hard wod!

  6. kevin says:

    9:59 RX (Except for one rep)
    On the 3rd rep of my round of 3 I had to do transitions but went back to the muscle up for all remaining reps.

  7. Eric says:

    Modified workout while at beach – prescribed by Coach K

    25 pushups, 25 Burpies:ย  1 mile run, , 1 mile run25 burpies.ย  25 pushups

    20:05 hot and humid

  8. KP says:

    19:14, modified w/ push jerk and split jerk, instead of squats; red band for pull-ups, blue-band for ring dips…

    Finished push-up challenge w/ 2400. Lost a few days and never caught back up.

    KB – nice to see this morning with the 6am crowd!

  9. timbo says:

    10:04 muscle up transitions and rx’d the Bear…

    note to self.. move your chin out of the way when doing the overhead press

  10. Cindy says:

    Let’s count the injuries: jammed left thumb from dropping the barbell on it in the 1st round of bear..collar bone and back neck bump bruising and bruising in unmentionable place that gets passed on my body as i move the the bar to clean..

    20:35, 72#, skinny orange band for pull ups and skinny red band for ring dips

  11. Jett says:

    15:30 35# with blue band pull-ups and red band ring dips. Sorry I had to run at the end๐Ÿ˜ฆ Had Mom with me! She was amazed at all of your athletic abilities!

  12. bobbyk says:

    15:11 95#, pullups and dips (about 1/3 of the dips were unassisted.. others whatever band was available, but mostly red). I could have Rx’d the Bear… next time.

    Timbo, I too need to get my chin out of the way- not quite a bleeder.

  13. Lori Sam says:

    17.06 or 16.08 (can’t remember). 52 lb, blue band. It was a bear.

  14. NickyB says:

    10:06 95# mut.

  15. mel says:

    Well, first I must say — photo of the week ROCKS! Great picture! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Second, not my best showing today; don’t think engine was fully revved up from weekend.

    56# 19:09.

    • dina dew says:

      It would have been nice to have you in my WOD time slot Mel! I would have enjoyed the company! I was in the same boat. Good job.

  16. Claudia says:

    19:21 35# Blue band.

  17. Matt J says:

    16:06 35LB with green bands

  18. Shubha says:

    15:39 modified w/ weighted situp instead of ring dip
    35#, blue band PU

  19. dina dew says:

    18:45, 60#

    Two things:
    1. Eating 1/2 a blueberry pie over the weekend and ice cream, and chocolate left me somewhat catatonic last night and perhaps still suffering during this morning’s WOD. First deviation from Primal since The Challenge. Perhaps the last. Perhaps.

    2. I think a change of tack is needed: embrace bloody hands; stop fighting that outcome. Any suggestions for moving toward said change in attitude would be welcome.

  20. Jon says:

    10:57. 115# complex. 3 MUs, 4 attempted MUs, 12 transitions.

  21. Scott says:

    14:49 75# blue pu / red rd 1st time Bear

  22. Carol says:

    Modified….it is my middle name.

    Had to do:
    10; 8; 6; 4; 2 of GHD situps; Back Ext.; Front Squats; Back Squats 65#

  23. Megan says:

    18:28 or 16:28…52# blue band for pull ups and ring dips

  24. Wee Ali says:

    19:12 with 75# bear complex and pull up’s / ring dips

    Not feeling the intensity today….my ass was slow๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  25. salbec says:

    15:49, 65#, pull ups and dips (the latter with band)

    went a bit lighter coming off a red-eye flight. glad I did…toasted.๐Ÿ™‚

  26. Erin says:

    21:15- 35#- skinny red band pull ups, skinny orange ring dips

  27. Nicko says:

    12:10 or so?
    Rx on Bear
    Transitions for MU’s

  28. Kelly says:

    15:36 #50, black band for pull ups, green for ring dips

  29. Leigh Neary says:

    15:48 /Blue/49.5#

    1 Burpee:)))

  30. Terry says:

    15:42 Only did around half the reps on pull ups and ring dips – 75 lbs.

  31. Brett says:


    Almost!!!!! got my first Muscle-up


  32. Lindsay says:

    18:46, 65#, pull ups (skinny red band) and dips (regular red band)

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