Sunday: 100711

Posted: July 11, 2010 by Todd Katz in Coaches, Facility, General, Nutrition, Proper Form

Rest Day

Congratulations to Kelly and Josh on their wedding yesterday! Enjoy the honeymoon!!! Burpees on the beach right?

Speaking of burpees, how’s your burpee challenge coming along? We are now getting into the 20s… Come to the box a little early and knock them out as part of your warmup.

Big congratulations this past week to Nick Owen for getting his muscle ups. Not to be outdone by her significant other big congratulations to Erin Owen for stringing her double unders together. Erin also is officially off the pullup bands as well. Some great things coming your way Erin.

Coach’s Notes:
What kind of weight should I be using? I’ve been getting this question a lot recently… The quick answer is go as heavy as possible… but you need to remember if you have to break for more than about 15 seconds, you’re probably going too heavy…. I don’t necessarily discourage rest during a workout if you need one… but power is directly correlated with the amount of force you can produce and as fast as you can produce it… Heavy is good, heavy gets results… So if you normally use 40# dumbells and you could use 45s with very little rest, you’re doing fine…. going too light and not resting but burning right through it… you probably going too light. I am here to work with you regarding the weights you should be using… Several of my experienced students know when to up weight for a few of their rounds!!! That is exactly what you want to do… You’re getting stronger…. Likewise, if you’re coming off an injury or not feeling it… some of my experienced students know to scale it down…. very smart move!!!! If you are unsure always ask a coach. If you decided to scale down because of a recent injury and a coach is looking at you like… I know you can do more than that…. make sure you talk to the coach… tell them what’s going on. No coach is ever going to make you go heavier if you’re not mentally or physically ready for it.

PROTEIN… If you’re doing CrossFit with me 3+ days and/or are working out on your own more than this, you need to make sure you have adequate protein in your diet. I am a believer in the higher end…. 2 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight… Body Weight / 2.2 = your weight in Kilos. Example: Todd weights 165 Pounds: 165 / 2.2 = 75 Kilos 75 Kilos * 2 grams protein = 150 Grams. 150 grams = 600 calories. I eat approx… 2000 – 2200 calories per day… this represents about 30% of my daily caloric intake, which is about where I want to be. Only protein in your diet has the ability to repair muscle tissue. Carbohydrates and Fat do not aid in this function. Without proper protein you will injure yourself. Please make understanding the role protein (as well as the other energy sources) plays in terms of your metabolic pathways. I am here to educate! So feel free to pick my brain…

Have a great Sunday!!!!

See you at the box.


  1. K. Notarangelo says:


    back from obx and did some cf while I was there…even made up my own and made my family do it with me🙂 I will show it to you.

    And I am in major hammerdown withdrawal. won’t be able to work out at the box until tuesday, but can’t wait. my running has exploded to a new level. Thank you. And there are still six weeks til xc season!!!

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