Tuesday: 100727

Posted: July 26, 2010 by Todd Katz in WODs
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7 rounds for time:
7 Hang Power Snatches 75/55
7 Overhead Squats 75/55

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  1. Andrea Lee says:

    Perfect one to do at home since I can’t come in! Will do 45# since we don’t have 5# plates at home.

  2. Eric says:

    5:55 @ 63lbs. Too light need not to take a day off and stay Rx

  3. Katelyn says:

    11:28, 35# snatch, 15# OHS (obviously need to work on those!)

  4. Kevin says:

    5:07 67#

  5. kel says:

    9:07 rx’d @ 56 lb.

  6. bobbyk says:

    5:35 w/53#. Should have gone a bit heavier.

  7. stamper says:

    12:19 @ 65# .. I lost count so maybe 8 rounds. Better more than less.

  8. timbo says:

    6:45 @ 71.8#

    37 burpppppppps

    ***my fellow crossfitters…there is a APB out on my watch, i took it off yesterday morning and put it in the cubby…it’s a black timex with the little ironman logo on it with a hint of orange…thanks for helpin out****************

  9. RichW says:

    9:35 45#

    Could have done some more with snatch but was about perfect for OHS until I get my form and technique down.

    + 10 pre-warmup pull-ups (red band)
    + 20 post-workout blurpentines (not enough time to complete them all as I’m slow…)

  10. Cindy says:

    7:17..46#…could have done a bit more but Rx was ridic when tried it in warm up. Burpees done. Still working on pullups. Rich and I decided we would tag team them, he kips and I pull-up..

  11. Sponge Bob Wolf Pants says:

    4:16 rx

  12. Todd Katz says:

    7:39 with some arm tingling… OHS big weakness… Thanks for the video Allie… They looked awful.

  13. Wee Ali says:

    9:41 @ 52lbs

    37 burpees🙂

  14. Kate P says:

    9:52, mod w/ “Randy” = 75 snatches from floor

    I’ll miss you Coaches and 6 am’ers!!

  15. Pebs (dina dew) says:

    8:53, 39.4#. Great to have Supey to face. Snatches fairly easy, OHS a little more difficult (of course, b/c generally mine are HORRIBLE!). Maybe could do 45# but knew today I wasn’t mentally ready for it.

  16. Terry says:

    10:16; 53# PS; 33# OHS

  17. Lindsay says:

    8:19 Rx

  18. Coop says:

    5:09 Rx and 37 burps

  19. Lori Sam says:

    UrbanCrossFit – Seattle. My first non-Hammer-Down experience … it’s just NOT the same. They don’t post a daily WOD but focus on weights 3x/week and then a limited # WODS (Fran, etc) that are posted around the box. Did 12 rounds single cleans (from ground) and back squats. They count all KG. Did 35KG cleans/38KG back squats. Ran 3.5 miles to/from the box. Miss you guys.

  20. Baden says:

    9:19 , 67.2 lbs

  21. Michael Hartzell says:

    7:48 RX, getting stronger, faster and more exsplosive

  22. Sheeds says:

    Crossfit Fenway workout in Boston! We did core skill work and I won the abs of steel hollow hold contest HAHA.
    strength work: 3-3-3-3-3 deadlift (they use only kg there so math was a challenge! 176ish lbs i think was my max)

    then 4 rounds of
    20 kb swings – 1 pooder for me
    10 burpee box jumps.
    7:51 was my time.

    I feel wicked out of shape and look forward to getting back down south! hard workout!

  23. Cheryl L says:

    9:50 35#

  24. ray says:

    11:55 RX’d with 75 lbs my wife Terri is starting workout did 35 lbs in 17:48. Still having hard time doing overhead squats. Trying to get the hang of it.

  25. Rich T. says:

    9:53 56lb Hang Power Snatches, 15lb OHS (pathetic!)

  26. Gary says:

    11:41, 60#

  27. Paulo says:

    09:55 minutes (55#)

    37 burpees

    Finally went out and bought some weights so I can work out at home. Loving it.

  28. Lou says:

    My bad… work all day out in the sun and got WOD off bkbry. Thought it said hang powr clean and overhead squat… no wonder i powered thru it.

    3:36 7rds 7hpc/7ohs #75. It felt good though. Feeling back on my game. Holding steady at 185# weight wise, looking to trim the last bit of fat and bulk back up to 200 so I can kick Ray’s ass. Any suggestions?

  29. margaret says:

    10:40, #30.

  30. Nick O. says:

    8:09 Rx

  31. Kevin Q says:

    12:00 35# 14 air squats

  32. Randy says:

    11:40 44# Still trying to get the squats down

  33. Erin says:

    12:00 – 35# snatch, 30# OHS

  34. Virginia says:

    9:30 45#…had a brain fart…thought I was supposed to complete all 7 ROUNDS with the Hang Power Cleans THEN the OHS…got to 21 on the cleans then adjusted it to the correct workout….doi. to top it off, Mr. Freddy Mercury (aka Shaun w/ prison mustache) said I was holding back cuz I was afraid…:p

  35. Scott says:

    10:38 63#(3) 53#(4) / 35# OHS

  36. Josh Price says:

    9:06 RX

  37. Kelly P says:

    7:40 #35 should have gone heavier in the snatch…still working on squat depth.

  38. Salbec (Sarah) says:

    7:37 rx

    woop woop

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