Thursday: 100909

Posted: September 8, 2010 by Todd Katz in WODs
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3 Rounds for time:
440 meter run
21 OHS 95/65
42 Weighted Situps 20#

Post time to comments:

  1. Eric says:

    14:32 75# OHS, 20# sit-ups

  2. Jon says:

    Poolside WOD in Orlando:

    50 DU, 25 elevated pushups (feet on a chair, about 18″
    40 DU, 20 elevated pushups
    30 DU, 15 elevated pushups
    20 DU, 10 elevated pushups
    10 DU, 5 elevated pushups

    Yesterdays workout consisted of miles of walking followed by a 1 hour AMRAP of “chase/play tag with the kid.” I hope you’re all having fun back home!

  3. stamper says:

    16:46 @ 65# OHS and 20# SU. I enjoyed the post-WOD WOD with Salbec in the parking lot.

  4. RichW says:

    16:27 55# OHS 20# SU

  5. Cindy says:

    16:20 45# OHS 20# SUs. hope I can add some weight overhead next time

  6. Kevin says:

    14:49 @83# OHS. 20# sit-ups
    I came downstairs this morning for my standard 2 egg breakfast to discover there’s only one egg. “No big deal” I say to myself “I’ll eat half a bowl of Cheerios w/ Almond milk. How bad could it be”. Tasted great. Problem was once I started the WOD I felt like I was going to vomit. Felt that way until I got half way back to the house. For the record, Cheerios is NOT he breakfast of champions!

  7. NickyB says:

    17:33 55# OHS, 20# SU. Plus a butt burn.

  8. Gary says:

    17:54, 45# OHS, 20# Situps, 500M Row

  9. clawson410 says:

    18:49 35# 20# situp

    OHS you are HARD!

  10. Drew-ifornia says:

    15:06 Rx

    Kevin you should have had some raw goats milk instead then you would have puked for sure….there is always tomorrow:)

  11. Wee Ali says:

    16:15 with 55lbs OHS and rx’d sit up’s (was planning on going rx on the OHS but Todd said my form was not good enough)

    81 burpees with the hottie totties (Tim, Kevin, Gary and David)

  12. Todd Katz says:

    Mod wod with Sal Pal
    3 Rounds
    500 row
    21 95# Push Press (from behind the neck)… don’t try this at home.
    42 20# situps


  13. salbec says:

    14:57 Rx

  14. timbo says:

    15:53 @ 75#

    rough running today

    81 burps with the burp specialists

  15. kase says:

    unsure how i feel about missing this one. pleased? disappointed? i’ll see you champs tomorrow for a Triple F workout.

  16. dina dew (Pebs) says:

    16:40, 45# — BEAUTIFUL morning!

  17. Baden says:

    17:14 #65

  18. Devin says:

    14:09 rx WOD’d w/ Marg.
    Darn 18 wheeler parked in back lengthened the run! Should have broken 14 for sure.
    Test run for the Skins. I like em! likely wearing them on Sat.
    81 burpees in the bag.

  19. Coop says:

    Something like 18:45. Not really sure of the time but it was ugly.

    Mod 500m row for 440m run to give the inflamed tendon in my foot a rest, but the situps were really what slowed me down.

    81 burps.

  20. Leigh N says:

    15:47 26# could have gone a little heavier but my back was saved:))

  21. margaret says:

    16:59 #15, I know very light but trying to get the OHS down……and like Devin said, lost some time with the 18 wheeler parked in the corner:)

  22. Lou says:

    Rx’d somewhere around 17+/_. Had new member of ‘ Jersey Crew’ doind WOD with me today, Ronnie Bravo.

  23. Davie says:


    100 thrusters with 40kg

    Top of every minute do 3 burpees till thrusters are done

    16mins 44secs of suck

  24. Lil' B says:

    15:44 rx’d

  25. James says:

    15:25 @ 45lbs OHS, 20lb weighted SU. Went light because of this weekends race.

  26. JBL says:

    18:26 85lbs form sucked on 3rd round

  27. Katie F. says:

    16:49 @ 26lbs OHS, 10lb SU

  28. Tim N says:

    17:23 @75# OHS – 20# SU

  29. Darby says:

    16:35 45# OHS Rx SU

  30. Kelly says:

    24:42 RX

  31. melissa says:

    Nice working out with the 6:15 crew. 14:11 35#

  32. Claudia says:

    19:39 and running still not my thing…
    26# OHS, 20#sb

  33. nate says:

    20:56… 45lbs

  34. K Quinn says:

    17:40 20# OHS

  35. 16:06 minutes (65#. Should have went higher)

  36. Ross says:

    18:08 75#, 40# (go Rx next time)

  37. yeahman55 says:

    RX’d it at 15:59 good workout today with another new “Jersey Crew” member John P. who did good for his first Hammerdown WOD.

  38. Mike says:

    18:56 with 75# OHS and 25# situps. Also subbed row for run.

  39. Rich T. says:

    18:15 15# OHS

  40. Ron says:

    First full WOD with Lou

    20+ min
    440m on tread @ 6.5
    OHS 55#
    SU’s 1st rd 13 w/ 20#, changed to 12# and did quite a few more

  41. Dean says:

    22:02 35# OHS

  42. terri says:

    19:05: 30#ohs; 15#sit-ups.

  43. JP says:

    First workout w/Ray-Ray;
    440 run @ 8.3 (might have to slow it down a bit) till I get acclimated :.)
    Only completed 2 rounds, OHS w/ 45
    Must get more methodical in my approach…..

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