Monday: 101227

Posted: December 26, 2010 by Todd Katz in Coaches, WODs
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5 rounds for time:
39 Double Unders
39 Situps
39 Slam Balls 25/20

Post time to comments:

  1. salbec (Sarah) says:


    In my absence, I think you all should be doing 5 rounds of 39 GHD situps, 39 160# back squats, 39 24″ box jumps and call 39 no-reps on your nearest crossfitter.

    HAHA – thanks for the humility-inducing moment, Todd. Have fun with this one! I’ll post a travel WOD 😉

  2. k.notar says:

    Feliz Cumpleanos, Sarah!!

    I see there are DOUBLE-UNDERS!!!It looks as if my sweet new elite RX jump rope will get its first taste of a crossfit christening tomorrow AM….lovely!

  3. Matt V says:


    3x singles, 30# ball slams

  4. salbec (Sarah) says:

    travel version:

    5 rounds of
    39 situps
    39 weighted air squats (35#)
    39 no pushup burpees

    holy birthday WOD… 28:05

  5. Eric says:

    21:30 (Rx slams/ 3x jumps)

  6. Mike V says:

    29:37 singles, 25# slam ball

  7. Mike V says:

    Happy birthday Coach Sarah!

  8. Jimmy says:

    27:34 3X 25#
    Happy Birthday Sara

  9. James says:

    24:02 Rx

  10. Jason Schneider says:

    thats some serious %$#@. MOD 20:15 3rnds, 20lbs slam ball, 127 jump rope.

    Happy B-Day Sarah

  11. Jon says:

    23:17. 120 singles/round.

    Happy Birthday Sarah!

  12. Dave says:

    24:40 singles/doubles

  13. jeanney says:

    29:41 – DFL (quoting Cheryl)
    1st 39 used 20# WB but switched to 15# which still took forever – and still doing singles

    Happy Bday Sarah and have fun in the snow – maybe you can deadlift a gigantic snowball!!

  14. Sheeds says:

    Garage wod in Boston with my sister in honor of Sal! the fun 1-armed snatch workout.
    Dumbell Snatch Right Hand
    Leg Levers
    Hollow Rocks
    Ab Mat Situps
    Dumbell Snatch Left Hand

    16:48 with 20# (16:51 with 15# on 12/1) and sister got 19:30 with 10#. Now time to shovel 2 feet of snow🙂

    • Stef says:

      This WOD was B-R-U-T-A-L for me when we did it I can’t believe you chose to do it again..craziness. You’re amazing.. you PR’d on time & weight…that’s incredible..what are you made out of anyway?

      • Sheeds says:

        hahah just saw this… I know, there’s something wrong with me🙂 My sister wanted to kill me hehe.

    • Katelyn says:

      Stay stafe in the snow Katie! My Mom is in Salem and she said you got a ton!!!

  15. Cindy says:

    Though should have didnt MOD..would love to get the DUs back

    24:05 Rx

  16. Cindy says:

    Thanks 7am for being a great class…the suckiness of this workout catches up with you right in the middle of the WOD

    Happy Birthday Sarah

  17. timbo says:

    20:32 Rx

    Happy Birthday Sarah! hope your enjoying your day

  18. Abe says:

    22:50. Singles. 20#.

  19. Wee Ali says:

    21:13 Rx

    Yeah for Christmas holidays…..slept in an extra hour and got coffee/tea with my favourite (sp. scottish) peeps🙂

    Why did you not turn 15 Sarah!!! Fun to celebrate you, hope you are having a blast in NY. HAPPY B’DAY

    • kase says:

      i second that. the only thing better than a friday morning workout is a friday morning workout followed by a leisurely breakfast. hopefully we all get a redo this week🙂

  20. Katelyn says:

    27:30 — singles, 15# slam ball.

    Happy Birthday Sarah!!

  21. clawson410 says:

    27:28 RX

    Happy Birthday Sarah!

    • Katelyn says:

      You were rocking the double unders Cheryl — you need to teach me your secret — I am challenged with the coordination on those!!

  22. Scott says:

    22:58 DU/20#

    could not string DU well today

    Happy B-day Sarah!!

  23. Bill Pilkington says:

    24:40 3X Jumps

  24. Heather J says:

    33:12 singles/15#

    **I was looking for a time under 30 minutes but I was fighting off puking the last 2 rounds so I’ll take this time. This was hard….the first time I fought off wanting to puke.

  25. Tim G says:

    18:54 Rx

  26. Tim N says:

    23:10 all Rx except one round of singles

  27. Lou says:

    33:19 used 15# WB and didi it out in the jersey blizzard with the wife (33:00 ,singles), tough mudder training.

    Happy B-day Sarah

  28. k.notar says:

    21:10 Rx

    There is no way you are 39, Sarah….no way.

  29. Darby says:

    I feel bad posting right behind noto because we got the same score….

    Mix of singles and doubles and subbed air squats because I didn’t bring a slam ball to Florida…

  30. Paulo says:

    Happy birthday Sarah. I’m going to do this WOD at work tomorrow. Today I did:

    5 Rounds for Time:
    10 Dumbell Hang Cleans 35#
    10 Burpees
    200m run

    My dumbass forgot to check the time after I was done.

  31. Carol says:

    Mod Wod:
    5 Rounds:
    39 3x jump
    39 sit ups
    39 Weighted Air Squats 20# Med Ball

    22:42, I think

    Happy Birthday Sarah!!!

  32. Ray says:

    24:17 not rx all singles did workout in my basement hard to do doubles in the basement. Before workout I removed 12 inches of snow from driveway and sidewalk outside my house. Very windy and cold Tough Mudder training. I could have paid the kid down the street to do it. Happy Birthday Sarah.

  33. Leigh N says:

    24:40 20lb, Singles

    2nd to Murph in pain…..

  34. salbec (Sarah) says:

    Thanks for the happy b-day wishes everybody! And thanks for suffering for my b-day WOD!😉

  35. Megan says:

    WOD @ Crossfit Full Circle in Mechanicsville, VA
    20 min, EMOTM (every minute on the minute)
    15 reps Kettlebell swings Rx-16K, Russian style swings.
    Coaching was great. I did finally start getting the whole Russian swing thing, but I think I’ll stick with my good ole’ American swing;)

  36. Mazz says:

    27:50 (singles, 20/15)

    felt good to be back after travel, flu (first workout since 12/17).

    thanx cindy

  37. Megan says:

    And Happy Birthday Sal!!!

  38. Devin says:

    16:59 Rx

    I almost threw up! Almost…

  39. Pebs (dina dew) says:

    A nice time with the 7 a.mers.

    23:28, MOD weighted squats for slam ball

  40. NickO says:

    30:05 rx

  41. kase says:

    27:22 rx
    double unders are coming along nicely, although at round 4 and 5, totally lost motor control and consequently, spent more time on dus than i would have liked

  42. Colleen says:

    30:03 with singles, wheezing…

  43. Stef says:

    29:46 singles

    Happy Birthday Sarah, hope you’re having a FANTASTIC bday!! sure wish it was your 21st

  44. Claudia says:

    24:06 1/2 20#, 1/2 15# all singles

  45. Rich T. says:

    27:57 25lb, Singles

  46. Paulo says:

    21:36. Started with a 20# ball, but halfway through round 2, the ball started to open so I switched to kettlebell swings with 35# dumbbell.

  47. Jessica says:

    20:30 – 4 rounds (singles)

  48. Tom Roth says:

    24 minutes have to learn double unders

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