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Posted: January 22, 2011 by Todd Katz in WODs
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For Time:
150 Wall Balls 20/14

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Coach’s Notes: Ladies, the prescribed competition weight is 14#. If you’d like, feel free to do this WOD with 16#. Click below to see how you compare against the last time you did this workout.

Compare to: 100817

  1. Step says:

    Karen’s always a bag of douche

  2. Kevin says:

    There have been 4 Karen’s in my life

    Mother – Like
    Mother in Law – Like
    First “real” girlfriend – Used to Like


  3. Mike V says:

    11:21, Rx.

  4. Katelyn says:

    9:57 (RX)

  5. Matt V says:

    612 rx

  6. Jon says:

    10:03 Rx

    I think wall balls are officially my least favorite exercise. I’d almost rather do 150 burpees.

  7. Kristi says:

    13:01 RX – thanks SOOO much to Dina for the coaching and moto!

  8. dina dew (Pebs) says:

    Kristi, you have SO much fight in you I LOVED it! Thank *you* for agreeing to partner up. BTW, yes, Matt V. rocked it and wait until you see Sarah’s time! Double Wow! Keep an eye out!

  9. Nicole says:

    14:52 hoping to make big improvements the next time we do this.

  10. tpham says:


    MOD: 16#

    Note: Should go to 20# next time or stick to 16# and lower time.

    Thanks Matt K. and Matt V.!

  11. Nicole says:

    Also thank you to Cindy for partnering up with me today

  12. salbec says:

    5:15 Rx

    (PR from 5:36 last time)
    FYI – women did 14# last time as Rx, too.

  13. James says:

    7:28 Rx

  14. stamper says:

    i was so pumped for this i pulled a Harold … and then yelled for Ironman David Cooper to watch me chase him … but alas, i am a bridesmaid once again.

    7:36 .. PR by 53 seconds .. 10% improvement since August.

    Thanks to Big James for counting ‘my way’.

  15. Kate P says:

    9.06 RX
    Thanks for the ecouragement and counting, Katelyn!

  16. Scott says:

    8:25 Rx

    Thanks Chris for your help and good job today!

  17. Angela says:

    I’m unable to make the 10:30 class. My slot is open.

  18. nate says:

    Big sloppy mess of epic fail this morning. First time doing Karen so when we got partnered up we thought it was a tag team a la Saturday… uh no. Numbers are meaningless since sets weren’t continuous, but did the first 50 in ~2:15, second 50 in 2:40, final 50 in 5:40. All 150 at 20 lbs but struggled to get adequate height.

    Will try to RTFM better in the future….

    • Josh says:

      Good work Nate staying with it and pushing yourself. I wouldn’t call this an epic fail, you had the first 100 in 5min that’s good. Your work capacity is almost there for the full 150. Great Job.

      • nate says:

        Thanks, man. I think the thing that I’m most peeved about is not having a “real” time to beat next time around.πŸ™‚

    • Cindy says:

      quite the debacle..i coached you then 2 minutes later coached Dean..then the bulb went off over my head and said wait a mintue…one way to know guys is that no tag team would be that easy and no one is standing around, your partner is holding plank or something.

      • Dean says:

        Thanks Coach, I’m just glad that there was indeed no plank involved, Saturday was enough for a while..

  19. Scot says:

    8:51 Rx – started to struggle with consistent height at the end. Legs are still wobblyπŸ™‚

  20. Dean says:

    Hey Nate you did great on that, no fail there! Except yea our times we screwed up, but you put your all in!

    Super thanks for getting me to the end!!

    Clocking in 13:22, and switched to 16# as follows.. 75@20#, 75@16#

    • nate says:

      Good work gutting that one out this morning, it’s brutal no matter how you slice it. Thanks for keeping me honest on the form and reps.

  21. kt noto says:

    haha, I remember writing that on Todd’s garage window….I meant it, too!

  22. Coop says:

    7:12 Rx

    45 seconds slower than last time. That being said, I think I may have been aiming for anywhere in the orange last time around (1st cinder block). This time my target was the middle cinder block and I would say this one was a legit Rx. After pulling out the tape measure, I’m not sure that my last 6:27 was legit. Stamp, do you remember our taget when we first did this?

  23. Jimmy says:

    11:43 RX

    Jon thanks for counting this AM.

  24. Colleen says:

    10:31 @ 14#
    Still targeting the orange block (*waving my fist at the wall* “One day…”)
    Thanks Nick and everyone else for the encouragement, talk about improving technique on the fly

  25. Gerson says:

    12:31 it was as hard as I thought it was going to be.

  26. clawson410 says:

    12:08 16#
    Why 16# you ask because Coach Stamper said that was what girls did last time !!!!!

  27. NickyB says:

    Thanks Colleen!

    8:51 RX

  28. dina dew (Pebs) says:

    8:47 RX

    • Pebs (dina dew) says:

      Notes to self, some additional data points: All squats were low enough; most balls (90%) hit the top of the middle row in the stripe, the remaining hit the top of the bottom row in the stripe; next time use a 16# ball or don’t stop as many times – just grin and bear it.

  29. Brandon says:

    9:24 Rx.

    This was my first with Karen. All I have to say is Karen isn’t the type of girl you bring home to Mom. She’s more like the type of girl you end up in rehab because of.

  30. kt noto says:

    6:25 @ 15#

  31. Leigh N says:

    8:10……Still not feeling back to normal 3 hours later!!!

  32. Claudia says:

    8:00 14#
    Thank you Cheryl for the very needed encouragement!

  33. Drewish princess says:

    sick daughter at home Karen….150 thrusters with 25 lb weight — 6:15 RX (rx is always easier when you create the workoutπŸ™‚

    hey “Karen” leave my kid out of it next time you bitch!

  34. Leigh N says:

    Thats so funny Claudia!! I have to admit I almost turned around on my way over! You did great!! Thank God its over!

  35. Mazz says:

    8:15 RX

    Thanx to Leigh and Lani for the push. We brought the back corner wall down!

  36. Lou and Theresa says:

    Lou Rx’d 10:39
    Theresa #12 13:09

  37. 150 thrusters 45#
    08:29 minutes

    I’m not going to mention any names, but someone took the wall ball home. Adapt and overcome. LOL.

  38. Cindy says:

    MOD it still sucked WOD..2 days of rest.. 7:34–20# slam balls. Shoulder still intact but check back with me tomorrow

  39. Sabrina says:

    9:58 rx

    if you consider rx to include a height handicap so that one can hit just below the orange line, since the ball is moving the same distance…right? right?πŸ™‚

    • salbec says:

      I believe rx is 9′ for women (just below the orange line), 10′ for men (top of the first orange block) FROM the FLOOR (not height dependent). if you hit lower than that, that’s a scale. πŸ™‚

  40. Christopher Nelson says:

    13:38 with 14#

  41. Ray says:

    Rx’d with 8:15 approx 1 min slower than last time trying to work on form and getting ball on target. Also deeper in the squat.

  42. Tommy says:

    wont be able to make it to the 6:15 class tonight if anybody wants my spot

  43. Heather J says:

    6:15 cancellation – work crisis (year end for accountants is crazy)

  44. Cindy2 says:

    9:55. I should have made some of those throws higher, but knock it out next time. I honestly thought I was going to hate this one more. Phew.. maybe that is what they call progress.

  45. Carol says:

    6:33 all 150 of them!!!

    I did the small little med balls that the CrossFit kids use, the 6#. I guess you could say that I RX’d the kid’s version of the WOD!

    Good Coaching Devin!

  46. RichW says:

    CrossFit Fury WOD:

    4 x 800m Run at 6 minute intervals (start at 0, 6, 12, 18 minutes respectively)

    Times: 2:52, 3:05, 3:08, 3:10

  47. Cindy2 says:

    Wondering if I did this thing right.. Feels like I should have at least been at 12:00 for this one. Holy crap! 5:15???? I think we have found the Bionic Woman and her name is Sarah.

  48. Abe says:

    11:00. RX

  49. Step says:

    9:10 Rx
    “pinch a penny”
    you da bomb Kelly- holy LOOOWW squats

  50. Tim N says:

    9:25 Rx – weekend killed me – 12:02 last time

  51. G says:

    10:58 Rx

    thanks to Sarah, Coop, Nick and of couse STAMPER!

    Cindy, Great job coaching!

  52. Katona says:

    13:02-MOD WOD 20# medicine ball squats

  53. John M. says:

    10:38 My first RX! Last time was 13:28.

    Thanks Jonathan and Josh for coaching me!

  54. lauren says:

    11:29. 14# ball and 9 foot target.

  55. Ross says:

    8:42 Rx (1:31 PR)

  56. Kelly (KVP) says:

    12:28 RX

    Very happy that I was getting low in my squats and was hitting the 10ft. mark!
    Def had the coughs hardcore afterwards!

  57. JeffS says:

    13:48 — 50 @ RX dropped to 16 for the rest.
    Most of my wall balls hit the first row of orange
    Next time, maybe start @ 16 or don’t go as low in my squat.

  58. Josh says:

    8:40 RX I think I can’t remember.

  59. Baden says:

    8:32 rx

  60. Sandy says:

    8:20 rx, 14lb, 7 foot max; soooo need to work on lowering my squats and reaching the 9 foot. Just so you know ….Erin rocked!!

  61. jeanney says:

    11:47, 14#, 8.5 ft (as confirmed by Coach Jon)

    Thanks Coach for counting!

  62. Erin says:

    10:40 Rx (last time 13:40)- great working out with you Sandy!

  63. Mike B. says:

    10:18 @16#. Will work on getting lower in my squats.

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