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Shovel the driveway (use good form… think deadlift).
Go for a hike in the snow
Build a Snowman
Get into a Snow Ball Fight

Post results to comments:

  1. Pebs (dina dew) says:

    Choice? Do it all!!!

  2. John M says:

    Tonight’s WOD

    Shovel a ton of snow-RX

  3. Virginia says:

    remember…explode from the hips!

  4. Scott says:

    Snow shoveled 2:15

  5. drewish princess says:

    My night WOD was 4 hours in the car round trip to Dulles to pick up friends from Cali. I pushed about 12 cars because people really dont understand how to drive in snow. Granted conditions were very bad but good god people…I live 8 miles from dulles…4 hours round trip, traffic violations all over the place, even had to drive against traffic to escape one nightmarish situation on 7100. very stressful and I almost lost it but i made it home safe….hope to see everyone friday….thanks for the blog so i can vent

    • Pebs (dina dew) says:

      Well Drew, it seems you take the prize! Impressed you ventured close to losing it but didn’t. Glad you made it safely despite the odds!

    • Sabrina says:

      I think Matt might have you beat….5 hours 45 minutes to get home last night, we live 13.1 miles from his work.

  6. Ray says:

    I am glad you got home safe that is the most important thing that you could have done thank God. Training is for the next WOD. Snow is no fun driving in. Go for the next WOD being safe.

  7. Cindy says:

    Home WOD-RXed!!!!-100 pushups, 100 air squats, 100 situps-11:15 (broke it up in 20s, pushups killed me)

  8. Cindy says:

    FYI shoulder surgery in the near future..would like a 2d opinion..will take referrals for a shoulder ortho…

    • Jett says:

      I know a sports guy at Georgetown – Dr. Klimkiewicz

      Send me an email if you are really interested with your contact information

  9. Katona says:

    Last nights WOD 6 hours and 15 minutes, civic “band” so no RX (couldn’t find a bigger car to push)

    Left Office at 2:45, walked 4 blocks in sleet
    Stood in thunder snow down pour for 30 minutes
    Sat down next to large man on the 10 mile bus ride
    Walked 0.5 miles in 5-8″ of snow to park and ride
    Cleaned 5-8″ of snow off car
    Arrived home at 8:00 (5 hours after I left the office)
    Shoveled driveway and street for 25 minutes (in frozen rain)
    Pushed and shoveled neighbor’s friend into a safe parking space (was a civic, so that probably means not RX)
    Walked in the door at 9:00 and the power went out

  10. Shoveled snow and did 20 minutes on the bike.

  11. tpham says:

    WOD last night was: Cleared my driveway and sidewalk of snow. The neighbor to the right of me, cleared their driveway and sidewalk of snow. The neighbor in front of me, cleared their driveway and sidewalk of snow. The neighbor diagonally to the right of me, cleared their driveway and sidewalk of snow. Good thing I had a snow thrower! Still broke a sweat pushing that gosh darn thing around though!

    Oh almost forgot, then waited up for my wife who left her office at 4:30pm yesterday in Rockville, MD and made it home 1am this morning to Gainesville, VA.

    • Pebs (dina dew) says:

      Oh T, that bites!! Well, not work snow work — that was good. But sorry to read it took so long for your wife to get home, but glad she did make it safely.

  12. Katie Notarangelo says:

    30 min slick run, 1 shoveled driveway perfect form, “Holbrook” WOD as follows:
    5 thrusters
    10 pullups
    1 min double-u
    1 min rest
    Repeat 10X

  13. Pebs (dina dew) says:

    45 minutes of shoveling wearing 20# weight vest
    100 air squats with weight vest 4:46
    2 minute plank hold (SANS weight vest)

  14. Josh says:

    Red Wine Tabata Intervals with Kelly 1 bottle RX

  15. Lou says:

    Rough start for the day
    1. School cancelled
    2. Burned my lips on hot coffee watching my wife shovel deck so dog could go out
    3. Pulled muscle watching 12 year old son snow blow driveway
    4. Finally had family construct snow EGA( Eagle, Globe and Anchor)

    Im exhausted

  16. Matt K says:

    Dulles airport on way home to p/u Mother in law. Dulles shuttle bus driver was stuck. I tried to teach Indian driver to navigate in the snow w/o getting stuck. Ended up taking the wheel and driving shuttle w/ 1 p/u of passenger. It was like Kramer and the fire engine. From Dulles, 6 miles = 5 hours + 2 hrs shoveling.

  17. stamper says:

    WOD – ‘Shovel Driveway’ for time … in the CrossFit spirit of ‘measurable, observable, repeatable’, I will offer a general approach for HDCF to determine the average power output of shoveling the driveway. Swear to God I was thinking about this the entire time shoveling the drive and avoiding conversation with my neighbors.

    Assumptions … Shovel clears 1’x1′ snowtile

    Average Power = (Weight x Distance)/Time

    Determine Weight .. Internet source provides a tile of snow, 1’x1’x1″ (i.e. 1″ snowtile) weighs 0.52 lbs. Measured snow at my house was 5.5″, so weight of 5.5″ snowtile is 2.86lbs.

    Determine Distance .. Pay attention here, this is tricky .. My driveway is 45’x16′. Snow removal pattern was to cut the driveway in half (two 45’x8′ rectangles) and move a 5.5″ snowtile furthest from the edge (8′) to the edge, followed by moving the next farthest snowtile (7′) to the edge, and so forth. Thus to clear a single row of the 45’x8′ rectangle, total distance moved was 36′ (8+7+6+ .. +1=36). Multiply by 2 to get row for entire driveway, 72′. Multiply times length (45′) to get total distance moved yields 3,240ft.

    Time .. 34:30

    Calculation .. (2.86lbs x 3,240ft)/34.5 = 268.6 ft-lbs/min

    For those of you who shoveled your driveway, whatcha bench?

    • stamper says:

      My thanks to my 11 year old daughter, Georgia, for accepting the challenge of figuring out the ‘snow day math problem’ from Daddy CrossFit.

      My thanks to Matt for showing me that I DID NOT produce 6HP of output, but rather, less than 1 percent of HP. Sounds about right.

    • Josh says:

      Stamp I think you forgot one part of your equation that would be distance moved in squat to full hip extention when setting your shovel and your push. There is probably some more work left out there as well.

    • Jon says:

      You are such a dork.

      I was doing the same math while I was shoveling too.

      I moved a total of 197 lbs of snow. My driveway (10*18) + 5 feet into the street to reach the plow line minus the 9’x6′ wheelbase/track area of the car parked in the driveway. Average height was 5″.

      However, I moved it across the street, which is 20′ wide at that point. Each shovel was approx. 1.5 snowtiles, and I moved this snow a total of 3,020′.

      I didn’t time it, this was an off the clock strength day.

    • Pebs (dina dew) says:

      Wow. Ummmm. You lost me at, “Pay attention here, this is tricky…” 🙂 Nice bottom line though!

  18. Darby says:

    100 burpees for time: 7:01
    previous time: 9:20

    2:19 PR :]

  19. Lou says:

    Did Christine, what a bitch

  20. Nicole says:

    WOD: Shovelled out Friend’s car, my own and one of their neighbors car
    Snow wrestling followed by snow ball fight, does throwing a shovel full of snow at friend count in the snow ball fight.
    Small not so hikish walk in the snow
    Snow man ( Fail)

    100 push ups
    100 sit ups
    50 air squats

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