Tuesday: 110329

Posted: March 28, 2011 by Todd Katz in WODs
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Thrusters 95/65

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  1. Jason Schneider says:

    looking for a 6am spot. Pretty please!!!!

  2. Billy says:

    just opened one up for you. i am taking a later spot.

  3. Jason Schneider says:

    i’ll take it. thx

  4. cindy2 says:

    Anyone want the 6am slot? I thought I had put down 7 for this day

  5. Claudia says:

    Thank you Cindy, I will take it!

  6. cindy2 says:


  7. Kristi says:

    Unfortunately I’ve been called into work; 0600 slot open

  8. kase says:

    someone can also take my 6 am

  9. stamper says:

    6:19 @ Rx .. 68 second PR.

    KT – Thanks Dog.

  10. Nicole says:

    8:32- Rx on weight, green band for pullups

  11. Scot says:

    8:38 Rx – Thanks for pushing me Jason — and everyone else at the end.

  12. Matt V says:

    6:42 RX

    This is a 1:19 PR since I have returned from my hike. Still chasing the 4:54 that I did just about a year ago now.

    Not a bad way to end my week…will be spending the rest of the week refereeing in a 15/16 year old national championship hockey tournament.

  13. Josh says:


    Now that is out of the way. I am looking for any old basketballs that you guys may have. I am going to take them to Iraq with me to make medicine balls for my platoon, I think this will be the cheapest way to make a crossfitting implement for my entire group.

    We can call it Wall Balls are the Best Medicine WOD Campaign!

  14. tpham says:


    MOD: Back squat off rack (95 lbs) and box jumps 24″? (taller wooden one); Day 01 rest of elbow tendinitis

  15. cindy2 says:

    Massive failure! I gave it all, but had nothing. rx weight, bllue band for 16, 5 green, 2 sets thrusters. Fran and I will have another meet up in a few months.. Come to think of it, there was a Fran in my life who I didn’t care for either… hmmm

    • dina dew (Pebs) says:

      This may go down as one of my favorite comments EVER for a bunch of reasons. I want to be there in a few months when you meet Fran again. I’ll bring popcorn. You’ll give her what for!

  16. James says:

    7:46 @ 85lbs.
    5 pounds heavier than the last two Fran’s, but 59 seconds slower. Wanted to Rx, but right shoulder giving me fits. Still searching for a Rx Fran time…

    Thanks, Devin. Great sub 4!

  17. Kevin P says:

    7:17 @ 83# (PR)

    Big PR over last time (9/23/10), which was 12:36 @ 75#

  18. clawson410 says:

    7:20 mod 45# red band

    Thanks Coach Cindy you made me move!!!!

  19. Darby says:

    8:55 Rx

    Never done Fran Rxed before so I’m going to call it a PR. Good to see Ali smash her PR and everyone else set huge PRs too! That being said, Fran can still go die.

  20. Drew says:

    6:06 at 75#
    I should have RXed the weight as I smashed my last PR of 9:20 at 75#

  21. Dave says:


    MOD: Back squat off rack (95 lbs) and box jumps 24″

  22. Frank says:

    9:17 75#, poor on the Pullups. Need to work the Kip.
    Thanks for the encouragement you 6 amers!

  23. Devin says:

    3:59 Rx (pr)
    Great working out w James.
    Lots of pr’s today gang. Nice work.

  24. sandy l says:

    8:12, green band, 45#

    That Fran, she’s a bitch!

  25. Kate says:

    Ah Fran, not nice!

    9:33, 55 #’s, red band.

    Thanks, Rodney! Nice job today.

  26. Hilary says:

    6:44 rx, first time doing RX fran so I’ll consider it a PR…

    Great job today everyone! Rockstarsssss:) keep it up!

  27. Rebecca B says:

    DNF – 6 pull ups short – 55# thrusters, blue band on pulls ups

    This was my first “Fran” – I knew it would be tough but I was determined to stick with the blue band and I did. I’ll take it even tho I didn’t finish.

  28. Heather J says:

    DNF 2 1/2 rounds 45lbs and red/blue pullup (probably would have had similar time to last FRAN without 10min cutoff)

    Last FRAN 10:25, 35#, Grey/JPU

    *Thanks to Hilary for keeping me honest with the pullups. It was great to see you RX under 7 minutes.

  29. Wee Ali says:

    7:18 Rx

    Last Fran was 8:46 Rx so today was a PR by 1:28. Pull up’s still slow me down but making progress slowly. Thanks to mighty mouse Darby who went unbroken on thrusters and hit her goal of sub 10……congrats my wee friend🙂

  30. NickyB says:

    6:35 RX (PR by 5 seconds)

  31. Frank says:

    Just made on Opening for a FRIDAY 6 AM spot if anyone needs it.

  32. Kevin says:

    5:39 RX

    First time RXing Fran. Last time I did it was May of last year. I did 75# and it took me 5:10.

    John Stamper you are the man! Thanks for pushing me through.

  33. Matt J says:

    8:23 at 75#

  34. Christopher Nelson says:

    This was my first Fran also; unfortunately I can’t say it was the first Fran I finished!
    DNF by 5 pull-ups; 63 lbs and Blue Band

    Thanks Kevin P for the encouragement and counting.

  35. RichW says:

    Great day for a PR:

    8:47 Rx

    Thanks for the push DC!

  36. Step says:

    8:38 Rx
    1st & last set of thrusters were unbroken.I like pull ups I really do, but only once have I been able to do 10 unbroken & today was not that day. 1st 21 p/u’s totally struggled through.
    Thanks Shaun 4 not letting me “hang out” durin the WOD (which I’m so known for).

    Last Fran was 10:40 on 10/28/10 – 45# – green band

  37. Tony says:

    still recovering my back. plan to be in tommorrow

    running workout today
    5 min warmup
    5:50 mile
    2 min jog
    2:55 half mile
    2 min jog
    1:27 min quarter
    5 min jog

    50 minute bike sunday

  38. Cindy says:

    DNF-RX on weight and pullups but was 7 Puillups shy of finishing. Last time did 8:32 with red band so it is what it is.. really need to work on the pullups.

  39. Tim G says:

    2:50 Rx
    First time with Fran – she’s ok but Diane is prettier

  40. Jason Schneider says:

    8:43 Rx. I was a Fran virgin so PR I suppose. Props to Scott for pushing me through.

  41. Filkins says:

    5:59rx…last time I did this was overseas at around 8:10 so huge PR…was hoping to be pushing for around 5mins but looking forward to trying to hit that mark in the near future

  42. Mazz says:

    8:21 83#, 10 PUs (no band), remaining PUs (red)

  43. Kathryn says:

    9:58 Rx (phew!) 1st time “Fran” for me! Thanks to my cheering section for getting me through those last few pull ups — wouldn’t have made it otherwise🙂

  44. dina dew (Pebs) says:

    5:50 MOD
    95# Back squat; 30″ box jump

  45. Jeff H says:

    9:57 with 95 and a blue band. This was my first time using the blue band for any of the exercises

  46. Cage says:

    6:43 RX.

  47. LizR says:

    11:00..45 lb bar..next time I’m hitting that 65

  48. Tim N says:

    6:40 Rx

  49. shawn says:

    9:28 – RX’d the weight but samller blue banded the pull-ups. Happy with the results – pull-ups slowly getting better.

  50. Proctor says:

    no weights at home so I did WOD from 110316, which I hadn’t done on that date

  51. Katona says:

    66 so backed up. It’s 6:00 and I’m at ffx cty pkwy–still gonna try and make it from the park and ride at 29 & 66. Come on bus!!!!!!

  52. Robert says:

    7:49 #75..green band..this was my 1st time doing the FRAN workout.

  53. Lou says:

    8:32 Rx’d (2 minutes slower than last time, but had my son judging and calling no reps on me. Atleast I know I did it correct and he’s grounded for a week)

    3.5 mile cross country run over hill and dale. 36:17

  54. Lil' b says:

    5:56 rx PR

  55. Katona says:

    DNF-53#, 3 shy of complete

  56. Nick O. says:

    6:22 Rx

  57. Tom R says:

    First time 7:02 rx

  58. Ray says:

    8:20 RX’d slower than last time. I was also judged by Lou’s son and made to do a lot of reps over. I am glad you grounded him. I also went on a run with Lou did I mention that I hate running.

  59. Scott says:


    4 rounds of 400M & 50 air squats

    About 1 minute faster than last time, could have gone faster on run, treadmill difficult to find pace

  60. Leigh N says:

    Fran killed me today!!! DNF – 54#, orange band – had 9 pullups left to go.

    Note to self…Better breakfast, no tennis beforehand and practice the pullups.

    I”ll get her next time!

    Way to go to all the other nooners and thanks for TRYING to help me get there:)

  61. melissa says:

    948 60# and box jump

  62. Cindy2 says:

    6am spot open tomorrow!
    I don’t have to be at work as early as thought.. 🙂 I will sleep in while I can.

  63. Bob says:

    6:08 rx. PR by 1:56. Great working with lil’B today.

  64. Erin says:

    9:48 – 55#

  65. Kelly (KVP) says:

    RX weight and I mangaged to do 4 RX pull-ups but then the chin just wasn’t getting over the bar so I had to (sadly) go to the red band.

    Last time I did Fran I got 10:32, so its another PR but still not a complete RX

    I’ll get you next time Fran…nexxxxtttt tiiiimmmmeeeee!

  66. Kelly (KVP) says:

    DID YOU SEE? WOD2 posted!

    Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 15 minutes of:
    9 Deadlifts (155lbs / 70kg)
    12 Push-ups
    15 Box jumps (24″)

  67. Lauren P says:

    Went in trying to do Fran, but the shoulder didn’t like the Thrusters, so I gave in.
    Front Squat – 65#
    Pullups – Red Band
    Time: 9:53

    If this were Fran, that would be an 80 second PR, but it’s not…

  68. Monach says:

    5:29 Mods #95 BS/Step Ups-24″

  69. I’m going to do this tonight after work. Legs are still killing me, but I’ll TTY to beat 07:37 minutes from last time. Would like to get under 7 minutes. I don’t need a judge because I don’t cheat, unlike my partners. LOL.

  70. Heather Cox says:

    9:47 only 33#, Todd was no there to make me do more🙂. And pu on green band.

  71. Josh says:

    6:12 RX (PR)

  72. Karen says:

    7:39 – 35 weight and jump pull ups

    Thanks Megan for helping with my box jumps!! Now I can do them on the little box – no more step ups for me!

  73. Ross says:

    4:12 Rx (2:26 PR) – thanks Josh

  74. jeanney says:

    DNF – 50.8#, 9 pullups to go

  75. Megan says:

    8:58 Rx!!!!!!!!!

  76. JeffS says:


    jumping pullups

  77. Haley says:

    Travel WOD
    2 miles treadmill
    5 min DU practice
    25 squats, 15 cleans (15#DBs), 10 push ups
    25 squats, 15 push press (15#DBs), 10 push ups
    25 squats, 15 1 arm snatches(15#DB), 10 push ups
    25 squats, 15 KBS (35#), 10 push ups
    Didn’t time

  78. Jonathan says:


  79. timbo says:

    6:14 Rx

    30 sec slower and a bit of black lung

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