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Posted: June 17, 2011 by Todd Katz in Uncategorized
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For time:
15 Power Cleans 95/65
3 Rounds of Cindy
15 Power Snatches 95/65
3 Rounds of Cindy
15 Power Cleans 95/65
3 Rounds of Cindy
15 Power Snatches 95/65
3 Rounds of Cindy

Post time to comments:

Coach’s Notes: 1 round of Cindy is 5 pullups, 10 pushups, 15 Air Squats

  1. Peggy says:

    Love the video🙂

  2. stamper says:

    and BOOM goes the dynamite

  3. CindyGolf says:

    8:00am not 7:00am. thanks

  4. Darby says:

    17:47 Rx. Wowzersss

  5. Hil says:


    Whoa Darby, am I surprised that you beat me by three minutes? Not at all…lol

  6. Stamper says:

    22:12 Rx .. My hoops game will be in the toilet this afternoon.

  7. Dueweke says:

    Have to go to work, no 9am WOD for me today. Happy Saturday everyone!

  8. Monach says:

    DNF-hit 30 min cap. # 65 Knee PUs/Blue band PUs .

  9. nicole says:

    I haven’t met a cindy I didn’t like yet until today.

    27:59 – 63#, blue and green for pullups

    Great job everyone have a safe and fun weekend.

  10. JimB says:

    DNF. Did 3 full rounds. 65 lbs on bar, did 2 rounds with RX pull-ups, last round with red band.
    Could not keep heart rate down after 1.5 rounds, and it really slowed me down.

  11. Delta Charlie says:

    14:30 Rx
    Pimpin w the 09:00 crew!

  12. Leigh N says:

    26:17 45# – probably could have done a little more weight….

    Killer workout!!

  13. Peggy says:

    No Rx for me today. Was feeling weak and tired, didn’t eat last night and 4 hours of sleep. Mod on practically everything. 45#, pushups on knees, started pull-ups w/ red band, but moved to kipping after the first 3rd after coach Sarah showed me the error of my ways.

  14. salbec says:


  15. drewish princess says:

    16:34 Rx…Good times everyone

  16. Cindy2 says:

    45# for weight.. could have gone rx, but died on pull-ups. I have to get stronger and THANK YOU SARAH for kicking my butt this morning.

    Was 2 sets of Cindy short of RX

    • salbec says:

      SOOO Proud of you this morning, Cindy! You are incredibly strong and your progress has been remarkable. No turning back on those pullups – you should feel hugely happy about it!

  17. Jett says:

    DNF-I was on 9/15 air squats on 2nd round of Cindy of the last round. Just about 1 round of Cindy short of finishing. 35# and knee push ups.

  18. NickyB says:

    25:40 RX

  19. rebecca says:

    DEF @ 45#, red band on pull ups, completed WOD thru last set of snatches
    That was a great workout!

  20. jeanney says:

    28:52 – mod with one arm dumbbell cleans and snatches 20#; 24″ box jumps i/o pullups; pushups – combo knees and regular

  21. tpham says:

    DNF – finished 5 pull ups of 1 round of the last set of 3 Cindy rounds

    @65 lbs


  22. Jon says:

    19:50. Did 30″ box jumps in place of the cleans and snatches.

  23. Coop says:

    CrossFit Integrity WOD: The Charleston 9 (Local Hero WOD in memory of 9 firefighters that died 4 years ago

    9 Rounds:
    3 rope climbs, 6 hspu, 9 30″ box jumps, 6 toes-to-bar, 3 deadlift 275 lbs

    37:14 Rx
    Doesn’t seem fast but It was the second fastest time in the box and most people were in the 50 minute range. I lost the skin off my palms in the 3rd round and slowed down significantly after that… It may take awhile to recover from the rope burns.

    • salbec says:

      wow! sounds totally brutal. WTG Coop! Hope you’re having a good visit with your family.

    • Wee Ali says:

      27 ropes climbs in 1 WOD sounds bad enough but add in the 54 HSPU, 81 high box jumps, 54 toes to bar and 27 heavy DL’s………….that is crazy. Nice work babe🙂

  24. Lauren says:

    27:20 – 50#, red band, knee PU

    That was pretty rough. Need to work on my snatch.

  25. Abe says:

    21:30. 75#.

  26. dan says:

    DNF – was on 3rd round, on 2nd or 3rd set of PUs. 45#, pushups – knees after 1st set, pullups – ended up on green band, air squats – couldnt keep arms over head. thanks to coaches for helping w/ form (kept forgetting to keep looking forward). Was dead when it ended, had a headache (from the air squats motion ?), but did enjoy it.

  27. Todd Katz says:

    18:49 RX – last set of snatches opened up a new hole.

  28. step says:

    29:34Rx… grrrr push ups.. someday

  29. kase says:

    21 reps short of finishing (6 pushups and 15 airsquats)

  30. nate says:

    29:27 @ 75 lbs, Rx on Cindy

  31. Did 95# Power Cleans for all 4 sets

    21:27 minutes

  32. Matt V says:

    21:47 RX

    Cindy and I just dont get along.

  33. Katelyn says:

    DNF. Had rough day today and my form caused a lot of coaching which I appreciated it

    Was 1 Cindy and the while final round of snatch and Cindy’s short.

    45#, red band, but all push ups on toes.

  34. For time:
    10 Power Cleans 35#
    3 Rounds of:
    3 DB Rows (20# DB’s)
    6 Knee Pushups
    9 Airsquats
    10 Power Cleans 35#
    3 Rounds of:
    3 DB Rows (20# DB’s)
    6 Knee Pushups
    9 Airsquats

    Post time to comments:
    08:24 minutes

  35. Jon says:

    Someone’s gymnastic grip velcro’d itself to my gym bag. If you’re missing one, it will be back in the box Monday.

  36. Marla says:

    28ish minutes… Lots of mods, pushup on my knees, 45# for cleans, and 22# bar for snatches. Blue to green band for pullups.

  37. Megan says:

    22:36 Rx

  38. Tracie Weir says:

    30 minutes + some……didn’t finish the last set of Cindy’s . It was first time for me on Power Cleans and Power Snatches. Trying to get it right and wasted some time. used knees most of the time for push ups and used blue band for pull ups. 45# for cleans and snatches.

  39. Tony says:

    22:48 did 50# hang snatch/jerk Rx on cindy

  40. Kate P says:

    3 rounds, + 2 snatches before giving up at 25 something due to tweaked back…
    65#’s, red band pull-ups

  41. Proctor says:

    I messed up, forgot I was supposed to do 3 CIndy’s and I only did 1.
    14:24 minutes – doing only 1 CIndy between the PC and PS

  42. John Biondi says:

    55# on the bar……41 minutes plus for total time…..definetely a struggle.

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