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Posted: October 11, 2011 by Todd Katz in WODs
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A) 4 rounds for reps:
1 minute: 2 palm strikes, 1 knee strike (alternating sides… use indexing)
1 minute: Box Jumps. 20 inches

Coach’s Notes: No bag gloves required. You will workout with a partner using focus mitts. One rep is the 3 strike combo.

B) Fight Club….
30 seconds for reps…. Get as many strikes as possible in 30 seconds to the various targets.

Post total reps for each workout and nutrition log to comments:

  1. John P says:

    can’t make 10:30, please put me down for the 6:15 coach. STRIKING DAY!!

  2. Matt V says:

    212…great work today Shawn!

  3. fnotarangelo says:

    161 reps
    26 strikes

    Good working with you Mike.

    75 pu yesterday
    174.5 lbs this morn

  4. tpham says:

    65 reps…tapped out after 1.5 rounds because landed funny (not haha funny) on the knee.

    Thanks Kristy for writing up my score and thanks Coach Todd for stopping me before I did anymore damage.

  5. Frank O. says:

    161 Reps
    26 strikes
    Great working with you Coop. Holding the pad for you was a workout in itself.

  6. stamper says:

    167 reps .. the math got screwed up at some point during the workout .. whatever, still a great workout.

    Enter the WOD John Worley .. exit the WOD Smokin’ Joe Frazier! Good job today John.

    • Jon W says:

      Must have lost count when I was trying to avoid having the focus mitt hit me in the face due to your fists of fury (palms and knees of fury I guess). That is a workout in itself. Thanks for pushing me on those last few box jumps.

    • Jon W says:

      Also…. let’s be honest… I think I rate as more of a Glass Joe then a Joe Frazier. But it was a lot of fun hitting stuff.

  7. NickyB says:

    185 reps
    43 strikes

  8. dtk says:

    Yakima WOD :
    warmup : 400m, 2x 10 of (walking lunges, Vups, back ext, kettle bell, T2B, jumping lunges)

    WOD : 2.5 minutes on , 30 sec rest of
    – stairs @ 55#
    – dumb bell push press @ 70# (35 each)
    – shuttle run
    – kettle bell (did 1P)
    – walking lunges
    – dips (used band)
    – box jumps @ 24″
    – sumo dead lift high pull @ 75#
    – GHDs

    79-27-41-26-26-4-21-9-37 : 270 total (someone in 5am did over 400)

    Started on lunges, ghds and stairs did not go well

  9. Due says:

    165 / no idea what I got for the You-Know-What Club. But it was fun!

  10. salbec says:

    197 reps
    29 strikes


    75 pushups!🙂

    Pretty cool to watch Peggy and her ninja roll today – haha!

  11. Peggy says:

    169/ 24

    Thank you Jeannie for counting! God knows I can barely count past 5 in a WOD. Good job today, good pad holding and way to fight to the end of the WOD.

    • jeanney says:

      You were awesome! Wonder what you would’ve done if you hadn’t taken 2 weeks off! Thank you for counting as well as adding up the numbers! Now, can you remind me if it was 147 or 127? Guess I’m out of practice in remembering the counts!

  12. leo says:

    72/29 Money hope the knee is ok

  13. PNUTT says:

    Part A: 205 reps

    Part B: Not sure how many during the 30sec fight club…but it’s always fun:)

    Working with Dina was awesome…boxjumps were on fire today at 10:30!🙂

  14. Mazz says:

    yesterday’s WOD

    10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 reps of:
    Front Squats @ 70% of your heaviest front squat
    KB Swings 2/1.5 pood

    125lbs. 11:20, 1.5 pood

  15. Rich T. says:

    Part A: 181 reps

    Part B: Not sure for the 30sec fight club

    Nominatation for the most entertaining workout of the year.

  16. jeanney says:

    147 or 127 reps – not sure about part B

  17. Jon W says:

    155 reps
    28 strikes

    More striking please… I really want to hit a heavy bag after doing that workout. Good stuff. Just a random idea, in no way am I qualified to design any exercise program, maybe it could fit in as a skill to work on for 10 mins after a WOD like we have done with rope climbs, handstands, etc.

  18. Nancy says:

    126 (step-ups) and 29
    75 pushups yesterday & today

  19. Lou says:

    218 reps

    23 strikes ( heavy bag)

  20. dina dew (pebs) says:

    A: 205 (Great work with Hillary! What a striker!)
    B: 14 (that totally freaked me out. better next time, I think)

  21. Andrew Losee says:

    A. 170 – I think I’ve definately been using my core this week; abs were on fire during box jumps
    B. Did so many everyone lost count🙂 – go nooners

    75 Pushups – the last 25 tonight were bruttle as my abs are still on fire

    Weight 272 — weight loss slowed down a bit this week but still losing; down about 10lbs so far

  22. Stricklin says:


  23. Kris says: plus weight

    181. SO FUN! Favorite class so far.

  24. Monach says:

    151 Rx

    Fun WOD!

  25. Andrea says:


    75 Pushups

    and 100 butterfly situps – just because. WOD was awesome and got me pumped🙂

  26. Monroe Miller says:

    Did my first 20 around 11am got 25 in around 12:30ish and just put in the last 35.

  27. D'Arcy says:

    had a bad night with the 2 year old and slept through 7am…

    75 pushups

  28. Connie says:

    170 mostly step ups; not sure how many in the 30 sec – but it was fun!

  29. Sarah/The Other Sarah says:

    A: 126
    B: No idea, but I accidentally got Megan in the face – Sorry Megan, see you Saturday.

  30. Chex says:

    150 total

  31. melissa says:

    134 great class!

  32. kase says:

    120 even. no clue about fight club, but i’m pretty sure i looked like one of those spurned women on jerry springer who get’s in a fight with the other chick on stage.

    some skillwork on the box before class.

  33. Karen says:


    couldnt post last night due to internet problems😦

  34. Max says:


    could not post last night either due to internet problems as well!

    50 push ups

  35. Dean van Niekerk says:


  36. Haley says:

    75 pushups

  37. Ryan Eu says:

    153 reps

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