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Posted: November 9, 2011 by Todd Katz in WODs
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A) 12 Minutes work to a heavy single push press.

3 Thrusters 155/115
7 Chest to Bar Pullups

C) 30 GHD Situps

For WOD A: post your single max, For WOD B: Post total number of rounds to comments: For WOD C: is not for time. Work solid technique and if you are not sure, ASK A COACH!!! If you are new to GHD situps, do 10 reps to about halfway down.

  1. Kate P says:

    My 6 am is open, I can’t make it.

  2. Dave says:

    I’ll take it. My 7 am is now open.

  3. drewish princess says:

    dc in the am….my 6 is open

  4. Nicole says:

    Called in to Bmore for early morning detail my 6am open

  5. Filkins says:

    Still too under the weather, 6am open.

  6. Kase says:

    My 7 am is open

  7. Matt V says:

    A) 165
    B) 4+ 1 th RX

    Just wasn’t feeling it today.

  8. Jon Worley says:

    PP: 115# (PR)
    AMRAP: 3 rds + 3 THR + 4 PU (105#, couldn’t do C2B so just did regular)

    Good lifting with Rod and Dave on the PP

  9. Holley says:

    A) Worked up to 103.
    B) 7 + 3 thrusters @ 75# About half were c2b the other half either hit me right above the clavicle or close to touching😦 I suck at these haha Next time definitely a little heavier weight for the thrusters.

    On a brighter note: I got my first callus rip! I feel like a real Crossfitter🙂

  10. Mazz says:

    Just an early Vet Day shout out to all the military folks at the box (New Hampshire’s finest, Lil’B, Josh, Devin -where ever you guys are) as well as any other military folks I don’t know. Thank you for all you have done/continue to do to keep us, our country safe! God Bless!

  11. Colleen says:

    PP @ 73
    5 rounds @ 63# w red skinny band

    Very psyched to do Fran now (hint hint)

  12. Kasey says:

    PP @ 93 (I think or 83…)
    5 rounds +3+4 @ 68# Chest to bar every rep (switch to sup grip), lower rounds but worth it!
    no GHD, took time to stretch. Jason, Thank YOU, drove home without LB pain!

  13. Rebecca says:

    PP @ 83, tried for 93 but failed
    5 rounds + thrusters + 1 pull up @ 75#, skinny red for pulls ups, chest no where near the bar

  14. Jon says:

    A – worked up to 155
    B – 6 + 4. Thrusters @ 95# (went light to keep my back happy), Pullups were C2B. I probably did 3 extra rounds of pullups that I didn’t count because I didn’t quite hit my chest.

  15. stamper says:

    A – 165#
    B – 5 rounds + 1 thruster Rx .. friggin’ bar was heavy.

  16. Nelson says:

    A – 140#
    B – 4 rounds + 3 Thrusters at 115# and red band

  17. Kevin says:

    A. 145 (Dear left shoulder, you suck. Love Kevin)
    B. MOD WOD 155 Front Squats & Reg. Pullups (8 rounds)

  18. A. 123 (Shaun thanks for pushing me on that)
    B. 3 + 2 Thrusters RX (lots of failed attempts on the thrusters, but learned a ton. C2B got to one at a time in last round)

    SO fun working with Super Strong and Somewhat Coordinated Karen today! And Shaun, thanks for the great coaching!

  19. Scott S. says:

    5:30 is open.

  20. Karen says:

    A. 123
    B. 2 rds + thruster (103) plus 4 PU’s (green band)

    So fun working out with Dina as always!! great time with Shaun!

    • It was fun! Way to fight for it today!! (remember, as i said in my post, as Shaun already pointed out, and what may ever be your tagline, you *are* “strong as sh!&*… and somewhat coordinated” — don’t forget it!

  21. Sarah/Other Sarah says:

    Hammer Down I am sad that I am not going to be there the next couple of days. And the airport sucks.
    On a happy note make sure that you wish your Marine Corps friends happy birthday today. They are 236 today.

  22. monroemiller says:

    Push Press: 130
    WOD: 5 Rounds + 6 Pullups
    30 GHD

  23. Lou says:

    Happy 236th Birthday fellow Teufel Hunden’s

    A. worked up to 205# ( a little sloppy, staggered step, but locked out)

    B. 5 rds Rx weight, Thrusters paralell or above, 155# is friggin heavy

    C. 30 GHD SU’s

  24. yeahman55 says:

    A. 205#

    B. 5 rounds

  25. Jamie says:

    530 is open

  26. Rod says:

    A. 116#
    B. 5 rounds + 2 thrusters @100#…did a few extra pullups due to no-reps

  27. Andrea says:

    Work is really getting the way of crossfit right now😦 I am sorry for the late notice but I cannot be there tonight. Hoping to be there in the morning since I am OFF!!!

  28. Monach says:

    Need to cancel my 7:30 Pm. Stuck in traffic. Sorry…

  29. Shawn says:

    PP – 165

    AMRAP – 6 Rds @ 135#

  30. leo says:

    mod wod all the way shoulder really hurt today

    did AMRAP 8 rounds of
    30# weighted Sit Ups- 10 and
    muscule ups(i think)- 7

    front Squats- 95#s and the Quads were sore from yesterday…. nice

  31. Tim N says:

    A – 185#
    B – 6 rounds + 13thruster 145#

  32. lil'b says:


    B-8 rds + Thruster + 1 PU, 155#, mixed on pu (chest to bar for most, but some not full chest to bar)

  33. Kathleen L says:

    pp 88#, failed at 93#. 5 rounds and 3 thrusters

  34. Ryan Eu says:

    pp 155#, 4 rounds @ 135# (did not get chest to bar on every rep)

  35. Laura Anhalt says:

    pp 83#
    8 rounds – 63# thrusters & smaller red band

  36. Timbo says:

    165 push press almost had 185

    7 and 1 thruster @ 135#

  37. Jason Schneider says:

    165 push

    6 rounds @135#

  38. Erin says:

    PP- 88# (93# F)
    7 rds @ 70#

  39. Kara says:

    A) 75# push press
    B) 7 rds + 3 push press @ 55# + 7 ring rows

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