Wednesday: 120125

Posted: January 24, 2012 by Todd Katz in Uncategorized, WODs
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BAG GLOVES THURSDAY!!!!!! No more hints.

For time:

100 Double Unders
90 Air Squats
80 Situps
70 Hip Extensions
60 Pushups
50 Wall Balls 25/20
40 Pullups
30 Ring Dips
20 Handstand Pushups
10 Rope Ascents 15ft. target

Post time to comments:

  1. Kristi says:

    0600 open

  2. Jon W says:

    My 6am is open – need a rest day.

  3. LoriSam says:

    6 am open.

  4. Desiree says:

    My 5am conf call is running over so won’t be able to make the 6am.

  5. Larry says:

    My 7AM is open

  6. tpham says:


    – Started on double unders
    – Completed everything except rope climb
    – Everything Rx except HSPU; used 1 10# plate and 1 ab mat

  7. dan says:

    DNF: started w/ 90 air squats, got thru 3/10 rope climbs. (still had DU to do)

    used red band on dips, switched between 2 & 3 pads on HSPU (ugliest ones of the 6amers)

    NOTE : at hammerdown, 20 + 5 != 25 (those WB were knocking me all over)

    Enjoyed the workout – I do agree w/ Thi that the only way this could have been any more fun would have been to add a 400m run between each activity.

  8. Darby says:

    DNF Rx (kinda)
    Started on Air Squats, my wall ball height was a little iffy on some but did do all 50 at 20#s. Ring dips took me like seven minutes to get through… Realized it was going to be bad when my first set was of 3. After that, I crashed on my head attempting to do HSPUs because I couldn’t control my body anymore. Skipped the HSPUs out of pain and did one rope climb.

    That being said this was an awesome and fun workout! Make sure you pace yourself through the movements and it is able to be finished.

  9. Cage says:

    DNF: Started on Air Squats. Got 9.5 rope climbs and still had DUs. Got to the Rope at 25 mins. I really need to master the ROPE because its getting in the way!

    Thx TK and Stamper for the rope help.

    I owe you $20 Hot Cock!

  10. Holley says:

    DNF: 7 Robe climbs short😦
    (Started on DUs)

    By the time I got to HSPU I needed 3 ab mats .. haha it was ugly… and red band for dips. Everything else rx – oh yeah and my wb were not always at the right mark – Thanks Jon for calling me out – haha My arms are still shaking.

    P.s. – Absolutely loved all the cheering today during the 6am!! Even when we were completely beat and exhausted, there was so much cheering going on🙂

  11. Jon says:

    Started on Hip Extensions and got through 39 DUs. Still had 61 DUs, AS and Sit-ups to go. 1 Ab Mat on my last ~16 HSPU (I don’t remember exactly when I added it, but it was pretty early).

    Happiest moment was when I finished my 5th rope climb and then was elated to be off that stupid rope. Followed really shortly by the worst moment when, on the way to my jumprope, I glanced at the board and realized I was only halfway done. Yay, advanced counting and reading skills!

  12. Leo says:

    Hey Beavis uh Whoa….
    I did the Senior Citizen Wod
    Did all except Rope Climbs did strict P/U’s for those and did not finish W/B or Push U’s but did a little of each to get the full flavor

  13. stamper says:


    Started on pullups, then to ring dips (in sets of 5), then to 3 abmat HSPU cuz after dips I couldn’t extend my arms past 30 degrees and push my fat self upward. I liked the rope and glad it is part of the WOD (31 Heroes training). Got through the 60 pushups when time was called. 50 wall balls short.

    This WOD is awesome b/c the high rep exercises are reasonable and the low rep exercises (dips, HSPU, rope) are reasonable too. A ‘git ‘er done’ workout. Thanks Todd.

  14. Derrick J. says:


    Started on Ring Dips (with a band) and made it through half the push-ups. Didn’t get to the wall balls or pullups. This was a brutal WOD, but good in the sense that it incorporates so many crossfit movements and exercises into a single workout. Good stuff!

  15. Peggy says:

    DNF- 54 pushups short of finishing. Started on wall balls.

    Mods: started with 20# on WB, after 10 dropped to 16#
    two orange bands on dips,
    plate +abmat for 15 HSPU, 2 ab mats for last 5
    Did 2 full rope climbs, arms smoked after that and then only went maybe 9ft high

  16. Nelson says:

    DNF – Started on rope climb but only did 6 since I was losing my grip. Circled around and got to pullups which I didn’t finish. Rx except Wall Ball height was low on many (most?) with the 25# ball.

  17. Drewish princess says:

    39:30 mod

    started on HSPU. did all rx except had to sub ring rows for pull ups cause my arm sucks a hot cock (cage/hot cock reference:))

  18. salbec (Sarah) says:

    started on Double Unders
    got thru to 7 rope climbs

    modded situps for air squats
    and push press (45#) for wall balls
    same volume

  19. timbo says:

    34:20 Mod

    Thanks Todd and Sarah for designing this lovely mod wod for me which consisted of:

    160 situps
    90 pushups
    60 pullups
    30 ring dips
    50 strict press 45#
    1 rope ascent (bonus)

  20. DNF: 9 rope climbs left; 3 ab mats for the HSPUs; red band for ring dips. WBs good. So much fun with the noon class. Good WOD for dealing with work frustrations.

  21. Robert says:

    DNF 280

  22. Rachel C. says:

    Had 25 pull ups and the ring dips to go

    HSPU attempts consisted of only a very little up/down motion, wall balls were 14# and not hitting the mark most of the time, push ups needed to be lower to ground…

  23. Justin says:

    My 630p is available. I thought the soreness from my first night Monday would have subsided by now but I was wrong.

  24. Sarah/Other Sarah says:

    HDCF- resting my gross leg tonight. Sorry for late notice. 5:30 open.

  25. yeahman55 says:

    I did not do rope climb I did 20 extra pull ups. My HSPU’s were about 3 ab matts I woud guess but I still need a lot of work. 45 DU’s at the end 55 short of finishing. Du’s are the hardest for me so did them last.

  26. Abe says:

    Need to cancel 6:30 – rescheduling for 7;30.

  27. Jill says:

    I started on HSPU and worked through wall balls. So no pull-ups (even though I did 54 strict pus to replace the 9 rope climbs I couldn’t do) and no ring dips. Used orange, blue, and eventually green band to help with said 54 pull-ups. Single jump ropes, push-ups on knees for half, and 14 and 10 lb. ball for wall balls.

  28. ktnoto says:

    26:36, regular dips, sub 10 hspu for the rope climb cause no access to rope

  29. Lou says:

    34:29. No rope climb or alternate sub

  30. Kasey says:

    Started on Ring Dips with orange then tiny red band, Green ball for wall balls, plate and two abmats for hspu finished all but 8 push ups to go which I started doing knees after 20.

    Loved this one and 6 amers are Fab !!

  31. Leigh N says:

    DNF…..Failed on the rope climbs….I don’t think I could have gotten up that rope if there were a hundred hungry alligators after me!

    Got through everything else with mods..

    WB- 16# (kept getting hit in face with 20#er)
    PU – skinny red
    Ring Dip – skinny red
    HSPU – had 2 mats but my head didn’t touch it once…needed 4:)

    Kickass WOD!

  32. monroemiller says:

    WOD: 39:09 Rx except…
    -I did 400 singles so I wouldn’t struggle for ever with the DU’s
    -HSPU I ended on so I had to do just the negatives
    -Started on the rope climbs

    Nice work Andy and Coop…

  33. Matt V says:

    Started on air squats
    Finished through 4 rope climbs then skipped to do 22 double unders since I was about to fall off the rope by that point.
    HSPU with 3 ab mats…minimal motion with that, but at least I hit the target

  34. Tim N says:

    DNF – killer WOD enough said

  35. Jason says:

    9 rounds + 9 standing ring dips. This is a new exercise because I literally couldnt do one real dip

  36. Shawn says:


    Started on Pullups skipped rope climbs
    2 Ab mats on HSPUs

    It was PR for me to just show up this morning – glad I did!

  37. kase says:

    Had double unders, squats and 7.5 rope climbs left at 40 min
    mods were as follows:
    good mornings for back extensions (35@33#, 35@22#)
    16# wall balls
    red band ring dips

  38. Scott says:

    DNF (all except 4.5 rope climbs)

    9 foot on some wall balls @25#
    Ring rows for pull-ups
    3 abmats
    Rest Rx

  39. Andy M says:

    35:35 rx

  40. Erin says:

    DNF- had 9 rope climbs left – 14# wb, red band dips, 2 ab mats, didn’t make 15 ft on the one rope climb I did.

  41. Frank O says:

    Started on sit-ups
    Finished all except- about 85 double unders and air squats
    3 mats for hspu, tried rxing dips but needed skinny band for help. All others rx

    Great wod !!!

  42. Megan says:

    DNF- 443 reps, started on Air Squats and finished on Rope climbs
    red band for dips, 2 ab mats and a plate for HSPU

  43. Larry says:

    HSPU – 1st time so I practiced pushing up against wall
    Rope Climb – 10′ 1x couldn’t get it going today
    Jump rope singles – 200
    AS – 90
    Situps – 80
    Hip Ext – 25
    push ups – 60
    Wall ball 14# – 50
    pullups (red band) 28

    Exhausting. Need a rest day.

  44. Mandy says:

    du – ~3(ish) rope climbs
    red band for pu and dips; went to do my first hspu and couldnt get back up so started adding abmats, wound up at 3; was done by rope climbs – no grip and could barely get halfway

  45. DNF-got thru all but the rope climbs-got 4 of those and 5 attempts but these were the scales

    red band on ring dips, box jumps for pullups, 16# on wall balls to 9 ft mark, 2 abmats on HSPU

  46. Mazz says:

    DNF (no rope climbs)
    mod good mornings for back extenstions

  47. Ross says:

    dnf, started on du, thru 3.5 rope climbs, 5 hspu Rx the rest 2 ab mat

  48. Tanya says:

    BUT…..mod for rope climbs (due to box jump “incident”) – mod was additional 20 pull ups (Todd was feeling very nice :))
    Ring dips – red band

  49. Karen says:

    Dnf: started on squats. Mods: pu:knees, pu: green band; rd: red then blur band; hspu: after trying to get up moved to the box. Didn’t do rope or du’s.

  50. Coop says:

    31:58 Rx + competition pushups

    Started with the double-unders

  51. Amanda Esposito says:

    DNF – started with DU, got through 2.5 rope climbs. 16lb ball for wall balls, 2 orange bands for dips (those were atrocious!) 3 AB mats for hspu..

    Wow what a workout!! I was shaking by the time I got to hspu and could barely hold onto the rope by the third climbing attempt! Note to self- pay more attention to nutrition- I def didn’t eat enough during the day to sustain a workout like this!

  52. Jamie says:

    DNF- where to start…

    started on ring dips, got to wall balls and finshed all 50 though my height was iffy at times
    Mods: blue band for rings, attempted getting on wall for HSPUs, tried ropes (still no go), mix of singles and DUs, PUs were mix of rx, wide legs and knees.

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