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Posted: May 16, 2012 by Todd Katz in WODs
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Double Unders

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  1. dbmorgan02 says:

    Mixed up my schedule and my 0600 is open. Looking to rock it with my 0930 peeps!

  2. Stasy says:

    My 9:30 is open

  3. Jon W says:

    6am open. Need sleep.

  4. Desiree says:

    My 6am is open – came down with a chest cold😦

  5. Joe says:

    11:55 rx
    Strung together 12 DUs at one point. Getting it down.

    100 Burpees for the bonus done last evening.

  6. thipham says:

    9:07 Rx

    Note: PR from 12/23/2011 which was 11:45 giving me a 2:38 improvement. I feel like I’m setting myself up for a big let down the next time we do “Annie” given the big jump in time.

  7. Timbo says:

    Cant male 930 . Sorry for late notice

  8. drewish princess says:

    Mod wod: 11:30

    50 air squat, 50 su
    40 pushup, 40 su
    30 pull up, 30 su
    20 ring dips, 20 su
    10 2pd kb swing, 10 su

  9. Ian says:

    11:05 (sgl,dbl,sgl,dbl) counted every dbl as 1 and every 4th sgl as1.

  10. Nelson says:

    12:44 4x Singles

  11. Leigh says:

    my 9:30 is open – sorry late notice..

  12. Mark Loper says:

    Double Unders are my Kryptonite!

    20 mins to do 50DU, 50SU, 40DU, 40SU, 5DU

    I did get the first 50 done in under 10 minutes so that’s the fastest I’ve been able to pull that off. They are getting better.

  13. HALEY says:

    need to switch from 9:30 to 10:30

  14. NickyB says:

    7:20 RX PR

  15. Rebecca B says:

    19:00 – mixture of DUs and singles
    my last annie was 11:38 all singles…..Need to work on the DUs got frustrated so I would switch to singles to finish the round, the round of 40 and 10 were all DUs.

  16. salbec says:

    4:54 Rx

    Nice racing KT🙂 Congrats on your PR, bro!

  17. kase says:

    modwod – row and situps (row: 200m, 160m, 120m, etc)

  18. Leo says:

    13:12 Singles
    The lack of electricity in the brain does
    not allow for a DU

  19. fnotarangelo says:

    13:42 mix of singles and doubles – getting better on stringing DUs together

    100 post WOD burps.

  20. kevinmthomas says:

    5:58 rx

    soooo pumped! Even more amazed at my girl Sarah’s 4:54! Unreal!!!

    (side note: this is the most exclamation marks I’ve ever used in a post😉 )

  21. lil'b says:

    WOD at local box

    Bench Press 1RM: 310#

    8 Rds for time of:
    3 Push Press @ 165#
    10 KB swings @ 2 pood
    *rest 30 seconds between rounds


  22. Alex F says:

    14:31? (with singles) I think thats right(i forgot).

  23. Morgan says:

    12:48- singles.

  24. Frank O says:

    10:27 RX PR! by about 3 minutes. Finally got some semblance of a double under. Need to work on my du efficiency.

  25. clawson410 says:

    9:26 rx

  26. monroemiller says:

    WOD: 6:00 Rx
    -PR by 1:40
    -Daily Pushup Total: 100

  27. Andrea says:

    So sad I am missing my favorite WOD of all!!!!!!😦 I love Annie. Gonna try to do this one at home tonight.

    Really missing the box… next week, it’s gonna be on

  28. hammerdowncougar says:

    missing my favorite wod too. probably will do it at home too. this weekend. I have an abmat so ready to PR

  29. Kistin says:

    12:37 one double, two singles, one double, two singles and so on… but I got them! No whip marks either…

  30. Kate P says:

    19:48 RX and PR, strung together 13 at one point which is the most I’ve ever done.

    Jon – previous time was 20:53 RX, and before that 9:52 but all singles….

  31. dbmorgan02 says:

    9:12 Rx. First time doing all DU. Situps smoked me though. Finished the first round in 1:12 and then got slower and slower. There is hope though!

  32. Eileen says:

    9:34 rx

  33. yeahman55 says:

    18:09 Rx double unders better 16 strung together thats a pr.

  34. matkinso says:

    9:02 Rx

  35. Lynda P says:

    7:54 RX – PR by 3:33 from October🙂

  36. Wooster22 says:

    13:11rx-better than I thought, but still a lot of work to do on DU’s-my physical challenge

  37. Atacan says:

    17:26; singles
    100 Pushups; that’s 300 for the week
    Plan to do 100 per day rest of the week

  38. Scott says:

    7:35 Rx

  39. Todd Katz says:

    6:26 Rx (PR)

  40. Jeff H says:

    15:41 with double unders

  41. Elana says:


  42. Susan Massie says:


  43. Wee Ali says:

    6:22 Rx (all DU’s unbroken but still not a PR……time to beat is 6:15)

    Currently at 250 push up’s for the week

  44. Min says:

    11:50 Rx (first time with “Annie” so I guess it’s a PR😀 )
    I did 10 du’s unbroken for the first time. Very exciting.
    need to work on the sit ups. I believe the DU’s were better than the situps😦

  45. Zack S says:

    12:39 on singles

  46. rmalisko says:

    Did WOD at home.

    22:49 RX. I strung together 7 DUs a few times which is a PR but generally a struggle with DUs. I was happy that I stuck with doing all DUs and actually felt like I was getting it at the end.

  47. Pat K says:

    14:26 (sadly a PR)
    100 post WOD burpees

  48. ilsa says:

    13:30 first ‘annie’ for me, singles only, half the numbers.

  49. spaceman89 says:


    50 air squat, 50 su
    40 pushup, 40 su
    30 pull up, 30 su
    20 ring dips, 20 su
    10 1.5 pd kb swing, 10 su

    Cannot remember my time though. Approx 10ish min?

  50. Marla says:

    14:23 singles.

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