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Posted: July 3, 2012 by Sarah Mills in WODs
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Happy Independence Day America!

Revisiting this patriotic Team WOD we did 2 years ago. It requires you to work together as a team, strategize a bit and work hard! See you guys at one of the two classes at the box Wednesday – 7am or 8am – please register as an event in Zenplanner. Thanks!

1776 Team WOD
In Teams of 3, complete 1776 reps of your choice. You may not, as a team, do more than 200 reps in any exercise, and everyone must do at least 10 reps of each exercise (unless injury prevents it).

Kettlebell Swings 1.5/1 pood
Box Jumps 24/20
Air Squats
Calories Rowed
Double Unders – no singles allowed!
Wall Balls (14/20)
Slam Balls (20/25)
Sand Bag (50#) Ground to over head
Dumbbell Push Press 50/30
Shoot Thrus (on parallelettes)

Compare to: 100705

  1. Joe says:

    Anyone want a 7am for an 8am?

  2. Pat K says:

    Going to have to miss the 7am. Back is not feeling good this morning.

  3. Bjohn says:

    Going at 7:00. 8:00 is open

  4. Leigh N says:

    my 8am open – Wish I could make it – looks like a good one. Happy 4th!!

  5. Leo says:

    Nancy, Tony, Me
    Great working out with you
    1,334 Reps
    Way to start the 4th have a nice holiday all

  6. Matt V says:

    Drewski, Monroe and Me

    10 reps short of finishing. Solid effort this morning.

    • drewish princess says:

      1666 for people that cant subtract in their head:)

      Happy 4th of July everyone, great job today…..Hopefully you are enjoying your day with friends and family. We are all lucky to live in a great country where we are free to do just about anything you can think of!!

  7. kase says:

    Team Jamie, KC and Sarah H… 123x i think? good workout ladies!

    • kase says:

      my share: 532 (thank god for double unders). all rx except two mods: box step ups and 20# db push presses.

  8. Christopher Nelson says:

    Was on a team with Larry and Dean. Team got to 1395. I contributed 435. Missed doing 10 of each due to time cap. Team went over 200 reps on sit-ups (unplanned).

    Good working with Larry and Dean. Dean – thanks for taking all the reps you did on the heavy lifting exercises.

  9. salbec says:

    The Amazing Mod Squad Duo of Matt McGarry and Sarah Mills! The two of us teamed up with a target of 1184 reps. Finished 1102.

    Our regular and modded movements included: box jumps, double unders, air squats, pullups, pushups, slam balls, wall balls, rowing, kb hang cleans, dumbbell push presses, situps, and perhaps something else I’m forgetting here.

    So great to team up with you Matt! Happy Independence Day everybody!!!

  10. Jamie says:

    Great WOD!
    Team KC, Sarah H, me – 1,246 reps
    (my total 339)

  11. Joe says:

    Team P2D – Nick, Ian and I – 1,506 Rx

    Decent strategy but we didn’t execute fast enough with the 40 min cap.

  12. Scott says:

    Bring Bowe Home + 1 extra round (too many mods for me this am, didn’t want to mess team up)

    4 rounds
    52 sit-ups (for push-ups)
    60 superman (for 30 kb swings)
    9 30″ box
    6 130# back squat

    31:10 (508 reps / 2600m run)

  13. Jon says:

    Team RAH (Ali, Holley, and I) did awesome. We finished with some minimal amount of reps left. Somewhere between 10 and 40. Go girls!

  14. TK says:

    Team T-Pain, Dan and TK got 1499 reps… Rumor is 1499 was a good year as well! We also have a new strategy for next time we do this.

  15. Kathleen says:

    1148 – Katy, Courtney & Kathleen

  16. Scott, Alaina, and I did 1148.

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