Monday: 120709

Posted: July 8, 2012 by Todd Katz in WODs
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For time:

5 Rounds of Cindy
100 Double Unders
4 Rounds of Cindy
75 Double Unders
3 Rounds of Cindy
50 Double Unders
1 Round of Cindy
25 Double Unders

Post time to comments:

  1. Alaina says:

    Signed up for 6am not thinking. Need to go to the 7:30pm. 6am is open.

  2. dan says:

    ill take your 6am

  3. Rebecca B says:

    6am open switching to 630 pm

  4. Jon says:

    28:47. Double Unders were crap until I was 20-deep in the round of 50, then I pulled off 30 straight, and 20 in the round of 25.

  5. Thi Pham says:

    28:09 Rx

    I’m going to regret WOD’ing today in about 1.75 hours.

  6. Joe says:

    28:37 Rx – need to get those double unders down, only getting 3-5 at a time really slows one down…

  7. Kevin P says:

    18:25 Rx
    Started on double unders.

  8. KDogg says:

    Did not finish..
    Got through 2 rounds, singles…

  9. ched20 says:

    18:44 rx. That sucked a lot more than I thought it would.

  10. drewish princess says:


  11. Lynda says:

    DNF @ 30mins
    5+100DU, 4+75DU, 1 Cindy + 3 pullups

    Red band first set of 5 Cindys, then blue band. Knee pushups

  12. kevinmthomas says:

    16:00 RX

  13. kase says:

    DNF unfortunately
    needed 2 rounds of cindy and last 25 double unders

  14. KateP says:

    DNF: 5 + 100 DU’s + 4 + 75 DU’s + 1
    strung together 15 du’s, which is a PR – thanks to Thi, for letting me borrow your rope, that did the trick!!!

  15. Katelyn says:

    DNF: 100 DUs, 5 rounds of cindy, 30 DUs, (red band)
    Did not have it in me at all today — could not string DU’s for anything!

  16. dan says:

    30:08 – singles, a boat load of singles

  17. Ryan says:

    DNF @ 30mins
    MODs: singles for DUs, red band for pullups
    5+100DU, 4+75DU, 3 Cindy

  18. HALEY says:

    24:44 Rx

  19. clawson410 says:

    5+ 100+4+75+2 rds Cindy

  20. hammerdowncougar says:

    22:52 RX…hard but I liked it…(no one say thats what she said)

  21. Kris says:

    Great workout – thanks for the coaching/cheering, Cindy!

    29:19 with single jump rope and blue band pull ups.

  22. Scott S. says:

    5:30 is open. Need rest.

  23. Frank O says:

    Will take your 5:30 thx. Can’t to secure a spot via zen planner.

  24. Steve says:

    22:22 gotta learn to double!

  25. RichW says:

    22:17 … pushups killed me …

  26. Nelson says:

    DNF @ 30 min
    4x Singles killed me, took way too long and tired me out. Most Rx pullups I have done yet so happy about that.

  27. monroemiller says:

    Sorry I can’t make it tonight… My 5:30 is open

  28. Carol says:

    Mod Wod:

    Instead of DU’s (shin-splint issues) I did rowing…still sucked.
    Push ups were against a chair (little lower than a box….getting there)
    Instead of pull ups, did KTE

    So it looked like this:

    5 rounds of Cindy-ish
    5 KTE
    10 Push ups against the chair
    15 Air squats
    500m row

    4 rounds of Cindy-ish
    400m row

    3 rounds of Cindy-ish
    300m row

    1 round of Cindy-ish
    100m row


  29. NickyB says:

    18:05 RX @ NickyB’s garage. Had my son count for me.

  30. Laura Anhalt says:

    Worked out at CrossFit Blacksburg today!
    Worked up to a 120# 1 rep max OHS
    Diane: 7:16 @ 125 and 3 abmats

  31. Stephanie says:

    21:43 (row for DU’s-500m,400m,300m,100m/skinny red/pushups+snaky)

  32. Min says:

    29:19 pull ups red/orange band/push ups first 5 Cindys strict and the rest on knees.
    Fun WOD but still painful.

  33. Andy M says:

    18:55 rx

  34. Rebecca B says:

    DNF – got thru 5rds Cindy +400 singles + 4rds Cindy + 300 singles

  35. Scott says:

    24:10@Augie’s garage

    sub ring rows for pull-ups
    5 rounds with fist push-ups / rest with sit-ups
    1000 singles (can’t do a DU with a splint)

  36. Larry says:

    31:13. Rx except 2x singles.

  37. Leigh N says:

    DNF – 5 pushups, 15 sqayts, 25 du’s left

  38. Jean says:

    DNF, was on my last round of Cindy squats, bummer. Bands for pull ups.

  39. Jeff Milam says:


  40. Amanda Esposito says:


  41. Brad says:

    18:44 rx

  42. Bjohn says:

    DNF: green band pull ups; 100 du, but only 2
    or 3 together, then 300 & 200 singles; knee
    push/up 2nd set on.

  43. matkinso says:

    29:51…might have been a bit faster if I didn’t have to tie BOTH shoes mid-WOD:(

  44. Tim N says:

    23:00 Rx

  45. Alex F says:

    (x1 singles) – very tired from sun all day.

  46. frankodeh says:

    30:00 flat ! 1st two rounds mostly double unders… Next two rounds DU were a struggle (managed ) mostly singles

  47. Timbo says:

    17:10 Rx

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