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Posted: July 17, 2012 by Todd Katz in WODs
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440 Run
21 Double Unders
21 Pullups
21 Pushups

Post total number of rounds to comments:

Coach’s Notes: All reps must be unbroken. Any break results in an immediate 5 burpee penalty that must be completed before moving on.

Post total number of rounds and penalties to comments:

  1. spaceman89 says:

    Back acting up again. My 6am is open.

  2. 6 am open – still up and need to rest after yesterday’s wod

  3. Jean says:

    6am open,

  4. Atacan says:

    My 7am is open.

  5. drewish princess says:

    3rds + DU + PU + 13 Pushup (started on DU) ran around the huge semi unlike some other unnamed slackers:)

  6. TimT says:

    2rds + PU + Run

    84 singles instead of doubles – Need to work on this

  7. Nelson says:

    2 Rounds (4x Singles) 7 penalties (35 Burpees) – 1 on singles and 6 on pullups

  8. Joe says:

    2 Rds + Pullups + Pushups + 200M Run

    Started on Pullups. 25 burps (all on pull-ups), subbed singles for DUs. Body was tired from the last couple days. Off to vacation, see you all in a couple of weeks.

  9. Matt V says:

    2 rounds + run + DU + 2 pullups
    All runs around trailer
    40 burpees, mostly on pullups

  10. Mike Ponder says:

    4 rounds 21DU, 8PU Rx

    I’ll admit that on ONE of my runs, i did in fact, run underneath the 18-wheeler. Color me ashamed.

  11. Kevin P says:

    3 rounds + Run + DU + 11 Pull Ups Rx

    20 burpees. 2 on DU, 2 on Pull Ups.
    Started on Run.

    • Kevin P says:

      Under the truck 3 times, around once. The prescription for today’s run says 440m. Not 450, 460 or 470. If you did extra work, it’s your own fault for not following the instructions🙂

  12. clawson410 says:

    1 rd+ run+DU+ 10 PU

  13. KDogg says:

    2 Rounds + run.
    30 burpees doing singles and green band..

  14. TR says:

    4 rounds, 84 singles, 10 pull ups. Singles no breaks.

  15. Leo says:

    1.5 rds plus 15 singles plus 40 Burps
    Broke on P/Us 4x, P/Up 2x, Singles 2x
    Went OVER the Truck

  16. ched20 says:

    3 rounds and 21 DU’s. 30 burpees – I broke on on Dub’s, Pull-Up’s and Push-Ups.

    And I did not run under the truck, I ran around. If I did run under, I probably would have gotten like 9 rounds, ya know. But I’m not a cheater.

    • monroemiller says:

      I don’t see whats so bad about running under the truck? I ran around it…but agility and flexibility are two of the 10 fundamentals of fitness… therefore if Ponder is agile enough (or short enough) to run under the truck than I see no problem. plus its not normally there. so that and the heat i think make it slightly over Rx

      • ched20 says:

        twas a joke, there is nothing wrong with it. i just know i am not coordinated enough to not hit my head.

      • Mike Ponder says:

        The internet makes it difficult to determine any level of sarcasm, therefore, I automatically apply a level 4 out of 5 in the scale of snark/sarcasm” to any comment left on an online forum. You would do well to do the same! (everyone)

      • monroemiller says:

        I meant nothing by it. I got nothing but love for everyone at HDCF

  17. Evva says:

    1 rd + PU + run. 40 burpees.
    switched to singles half way through, green band for PUs

  18. Alex F says:

    10:30 open.

  19. Rebecca B says:

    1 rd + 4 pullups – 50 (?) burpees, 1 penalty on push ups, rest on pull ups. Started on pull ups
    singles x 4 for DU

  20. monroemiller says:

    WOD: 2 Rounds + Run + DU’s + Pullups Rx
    -Went unbroken on everything first round…broke on the fourth DU of my second round, got pissed, and mentally checked out for this WOD. something I really need to work on.

  21. Alex F says:

    2 rounds (singles)
    Hot one

  22. HALEY says:

    That was a hot one. 97 on my car when I got to the box.102 when I left
    3 rounds + 200M run (2 penalties) – Mod 25# OH Lunges for PUllups.
    Round 1 – No breaks
    Round 2 and 3 1 break each during pushups.

  23. Timbo says:

    3 rd’s + run + 15 du’s

    20 burps

  24. Rich T. says:

    2 rd’s (30 burpees)

  25. Casey says:

    2RDs plus PU, Run, and singles. Lots of Burpees on the PU.

  26. Nadia says:

    530pm open…still at the office😦

  27. so happy to be back in the box today! and i brought my hubby! so, i’ll post for both of us:

    court: 2 rounds plus the run. MOD: did a few double unders in a row for the first time, but switched to singles; used green band for pull-ups, and did pushups on my knees. I had 3 penalties, so did 15 burpees.

    david: MOD 15 min max, and 12 reps each. completed 2 rounds using the blue band and doing 48 singles. he had 4 penalties, 20 burpees. way to go, babe!

  28. Scott says:

    3 rounds and run / rope / sit-ups / 3 push-ups
    6 penalties (60 air squats)

    Wrist Mod
    84 singles / fist push-ups / 31 sit-ups for pull-ups

  29. kase says:

    2 rounds + 213m (all rx except row for run)
    7 penalties (35 burps)

  30. Min says:

    1rd + run + DU
    I lost count on burpees, there were so many.

  31. Justin M says:

    3 Rounds + 440m + 21 DU + 7 Pullups + 25 Burpees

  32. Frank O says:

    2 rounds + run + DU + 12 pull ups ( 7 penalty rounds = 35 burpees = SUCK )
    note : had 21 DU twice un broken.. penalty on first DU round and Pull ups

  33. Alaina says:

    1 round and 440 run, 84 singles, 12 pu and a good amount of burpees. Most I could do was 7 pull ups in a row.

  34. salbec says:

    4 Rounds

    300m row
    21 Double unders
    21 pushups
    21 overhead lunges (25#)

    broke four times – once on double unders and thrice on pushups = 20 burpees

  35. Jeff H says:

    1rd, run, DU, 13 pull ups
    3 sets on DU
    5 sets on pull ups
    1 set on pushups

  36. Jason Schneider says:

    3 rounds plus 330 m run. 5 burpees. single insteads of DUs

  37. Larry says:

    2 rounds + 300m run. 4x singles, 5 burpee penalty rounds (25 burpees total)

  38. Diane says:

    2 rounds + half of the run, so many burpees — yikes, that was a killer!

  39. Leigh N says:

    2 rds plus run – 45-50 burps – had to do on all except runs

    Didnt even break a sweat….ha!ha!

  40. fnotarangelo says:

    Crossfit Casco Bay – Portland
    A) Weighted dips 6 set of 3 = 28,28,34,34,42,42
    B) Death by pullups – finished round 10 + 6
    C) 6 40m buddy band sprints

  41. margie says:

    2 rounds less 3 pushups. Lots and lots of burbees. 12 du’s….might be a record.

  42. Tanya says:

    2 rds

  43. Tim N says:

    3 rounds + Run + DU -2 rounds penalty

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