Friday: 120803

Posted: August 2, 2012 by Todd Katz in WODs
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6 Rounds for reps:

1 minute Slam Balls 30/25
1 minute Hollow Rocks
1 minute Kettle Bell Swings 1.5/1

Post total number of reps to comments:

Compare to: 110715

  1. 6 am open – Oh 6 am, I was so looking forward to seeing all your smiling faces tomorrow morning. Instead I will be inflicting myself on my coworkers at an early morning meeting. Miss you already.

  2. Jeff Milam says:

    I’ll take it.

  3. Nelson says:

    7AM Open – need a rest day

  4. NickyB says:

    345 RX (PR)

  5. Thi Pham says:

    324 Rx

    Note: WTH is wrong with me? I wrote down either 370 or 377 on the board. My math skills are totally trifling after a WOD. 22 reps more than last time.

  6. kase says:

    330 rx (ONE more rep than last time)
    also, let the record show that the slam balls are 5# heavier than a year ago. Just sayin…

  7. Larry says:

    307. 25#SB, 1 pood

  8. Min says:

    261 Rx first time doing this. I don’t think I quite understand the Hollow Rocks. I should have been able to get higher numbers for it. hmmm…

  9. Ian says:

    322 Rx
    Last time was my first week at the box…222 20#/1 pood
    Nice to look back after a year and see improvement!

  10. clawson410 says:

    320 mod on slam balls

  11. Stephanie says:

    12:00 open-moving to 5:30

  12. Matt V says:

    405 RX…9 reps less than last time.

  13. hwmarchwicki says:

    411 rx … working out next Cindy just proves how awful I am at ab exercises .. either that or she is just Crazy good at them!!🙂

  14. Jamie says:

    198, switched between sizes on KB (3 rds @ 1 pood)

  15. Jeff milam says:

    Accidently put 523 on the white board. Thats public school edication for you.

  16. Leo says:

    221 lost count but who’s counting

  17. Scott says:

    Deadlift: sets of 3×225#

    Thx Todd, good to start lifting some weight again

  18. Alex F says:

    215 RX- Chest is feeling better🙂

  19. Brieann S says:

    222 rx

  20. salbec says:

    421 Rx

  21. Robert says:

    241 rx

  22. Gregory Reimer says:

    245 1pod/ 253# slam ball

  23. Jill says:

    335 reps Rx

  24. Wooster22 says:

    306 rx

  25. Diane says:

    339 rx

    Great job Holly on leading your first class and thank you Todd for offering Friday evening classes!

  26. drewish princess says:


  27. Morgan says:


  28. RichW says:

    512 Rx

  29. Karen says:

    276 (i think) Rx
    Great coaching Holly! Thanks for the KB tips Meghan!

  30. Megan A says:

    318 Rx

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