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Posted: August 3, 2012 by Todd Katz in Uncategorized

FAQ for 31 Heroes: Because they’ve been coming non stop this week.

What time are you running class?
Normal class times today. We are running 31 Heroes like any other Saturday class.

What if I don’t have a partner?
If you have a partner and are trying to kick some ass relative to the rest of the CrossFiting universe, awesome go for it!!! If you don’t have a partner, don’t worry, please come anyway!!! We will get you a partner…. if we have an odd number of people we will turn one team into a 3 man team. This should be done as a team/partner WOD as its intent.

Can we do this is a man/woman team?
YES!!! One can be scaled or not… As long as the workout is hard, that’s what’s important.

I’ve never climbed a rope is there a mod?
Yes! 9 towel pullups will be the mod. Bring a towel. If you don’t have a pullup and are on bands, 9 band pullups per rope climb.

I didn’t register online at 31 heroes can I still do this? ok, but seriously, go to the website and buy the shirt. 30 bucks, nice shirt. Remember what we are doing this for…. 31 Heroes died defending our way of life. All the money goes directly to the families of these fallen heroes. Register Here:

AMRAP 31 Min (As Many Reps As Possible)
8 Thrusters (155/105)
6 Rope Climbs (15 ft. ascent)
11 Box Jumps (30/24)

This is a Partner WOD – Partner #1 will perform the work listed above. Partner #2 will run 400m with a sandbag (45/25). Once Partner #2 returns from the run, Partner #1 will grab the sandbag and begin their 400m, while Partner #2 continues work wherever #1 left off.

Post total number of reps per team to comments:

  1. Tina says:

    My 8am is open. Switched to 9am so I have a partner!

  2. NickyB says:

    My 8 is open.

  3. spaceman89 says:

    My 7 am is open. Sick. Sorry ill miss it.

  4. dan says:

    8am open – missed alarm

  5. Jon says:

    Team “Bearded Spandex” (aka Team “Todd Carried Jon”) either 89 or 114 reps, we had some round counting issues. 52# on the sandbag run.

  6. monroemiller says:

    Me and Matt V – 125Rx
    -big thanks to Matt for banging out 95% of the thrusters…

  7. Jean says:

    Sorry to miss this, woke up not feeling well. 9 am open.

  8. Morgan says:

    9am open

  9. Jeff H and Alaina V says:

    58 reps w/20 and 53 lb carry, 30/18 box and 135/40 lb thrusters

  10. drewish princess says:

    Chris and Drew
    109 reps rx

    Great work big chris

  11. KCMKatzSaraH says:

    KC, Melissa and Sarah Henry 111 reps
    I believe the only mods were as follows:
    KC – 24″ step-ups, 83# thrusters
    Mel – 72# thrusters
    Sarah – row, band pullups

    Nice work ladies!

  12. Brieann S says:

    Brieann and Teresa

    82 Reps

    60lb thrusters
    Assisted pullups for rope

    Fun stuff!!!

  13. Scott says:

    Abe & Scott

    137 reps

    A: 95# thrusters, row for run
    S: 155# back squat, ring rows for rope

    Thanks partner and great effort everyone!

  14. Alex F says:

    75 reps

  15. Wooster22 says:

    “The Cool Chix” -aka Cheryl and Steph
    78 reps
    Thanks to my partner for doing about 95% of the rope climbs — you rocked!

  16. TimT says:

    TimT and Jon 89 reps at 135# on Thruster and 50# sandbag. Thanks to Jon for taking out the rope climbs.

  17. Kasey says:

    130 Rx
    Best Partner Award, Olley. Blue BANDITS
    WOW… wow

  18. Laura Anhalt says:

    Sean and Laura: 92 reps
    S: 115# Thrusters
    L: 83# Thrusters

    I accidently left my wristwraps out, so if anyone finds an abandoned pair I’d appericiate it if you turn them into lost and found. Thanks so much🙂

  19. dan says:

    dan & greg / dan & gary (sorry, still have that headache)

    85# thrusters, rope, 30″ box, 50# sand bag – 4+ rounds

  20. Kevin P says:

    6:17 Rx (PR)
    PR by 1:27 from less than 3 months ago.

  21. hammerdowncougar says:

    108 for Hammerdown Hotties–did 65# thrusters, I rowed for the run and Meg carried a 10# plate. i switched out rope climbs mid round 3 for 12 pullups after tore up legs and hand…spent most of the time on the rope climb

  22. elizabeth and i did 95 i think. i subbed pull-ups for rope climbs.

  23. Mike Ponder says:

    Salbec / Ponder

    128 reps.

  24. Timbo says:

    Tommy Roth & Timothy McCarthy

    103 reps Rx

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