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Posted: August 12, 2012 by Sarah Mills in WODs
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Hey HDCFers! Coach Sarah here bringing you another week of WODs while Todd and Mel are in Florida. To kick off the week in the spirit of the Olympics, let’s do some Olympic Lifting!! Last time we tested the Oly Total was December 2011, so now’s your chance to see how far you’ve evolved since then with these technical yet powerful lifts!

Olympic Total:
1 Rep Max Snatch
1 Rep Max Clean and Jerk

Post total load (kg or pounds) to comments.
Compare to: 111222

Coach’s Notes: After a general and specific warmup, you may take 3 attempts at each lift beginning with the Snatch. In the Snatch the weight MUST be lifted in one motion from the ground without delay at the thighs and moved overhead with arms fully extended. The weight must be held motionless until a coach signals DOWN. In the Clean, the weight must be received to a resting position before the jerk. During the jerk, the lifter bends the legs and extends the arms fully. Both feet must return to the same plane and the lifter must remain motionless until a coach signals DOWN.

For a dose of inspiration and a study in technique, go to 7:57 in this video (sorry, NBC won’t let me post) and watch Zulfiya Chinshanlo from Kazakhstan break the world record and win gold by clean & jerking 288.2 pounds as a competitor in the 117 lb athlete oly weightlifting category. Notice her extension and speed under the bar on the clean, and her recovery after the split jerk…spot-on as she steps back with her front foot first to stay stable. She tried 297 lbs after this, which she cleaned but missed the jerk. Her Oly total was 196 KG (431 lbs) Truly amazing athletic display!

  1. Mike Ponder says:

    Oh great, a full week of Sarah kicking my ass in all the pre/post Wod activities. :-/

  2. Ashley Zelinski says:

    I hope there is a version for newbies!🙂 Looking forward to trying it!

    • salbec says:

      We can scale any of it for you, Ashley! And we’ll give everybody instruction!! You’ll love it!

      • Ashley Zelinski says:

        I know, that’s why I’m really enjoying Hammerdown! I was nervous to try it because of stories I had heard from others, but you all have proved them wrong!🙂

  3. Amanda Esposito says:

    Hi Ladies of Hammer Down!

    I’m hosting a fundraiser on Thursday, Aug. 23 and would love for you all to come!!  100% of the proceeds will go to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society – (100%!! Which is very rare with these kinds of things so please help me take advantage!!)   Here are the details:

    Fundraiser: Premier Designs Jewelry Show
    Date: Thursday, Aug. 23
    Time: 6:30pm – 8:30pm (or whenever we leave!)
    Location: Wegman’s in Fair Lakes – upstairs – 11620 Monument Drive, Fairfax VA

    The jewelry is actually really fun and great, I’ve bought quite a few pieces now and I love them all!  And you’ll learn a bunch of tricks you can do with  your current stuff too!   I’ll have some apps and snacks too (maybe Paleo, maybe not!😉

    Hope to see you there and feel free to bring non-HDCF people! Thanks!!

  4. Matt V says:

    380 (PR for total)

    155 snatch (not a PR), 225 C&J (ties PR)

  5. Thi Pham says:

    Snatch: 125# / 56.69kg
    C&J: 175# / 79.37kg
    Total: 300# / 136.07kg

    Note: Overall for the “Olympic Total” it’s a 15#(6.53kg) PR, but really it was a train wreck in terms of the individual lifts. I was 5# (2.26kg) under my actual snatch weight and I reached my last PR for the clean and jerk. There was also the attempt at cleaning the weight and almost decapitating myself. The total number should at least be 5# (6.53kg) heavier.

    Great lifting with Coach Jon R.. Wish I could have been a better partner. THANKS FOR THE SHIRT COACH JON!!!!

    • Jon says:

      You were a great partner – who else would video my bald spot for 20 seconds? And you forgot to mention your PR for the one-legged jerk!

  6. Mike Ponder says:

    Snatch: 175 (PR)
    C&J: 225
    Total: 400(PR!)

  7. Casey says:

    Snatch: 95
    C&J: 136

  8. Nancy says:

    My 10:30 spot is open

  9. kase says:

    snatch: 63 (68 was a press out)
    C+J: 93 (another press out on 103)
    Total – 156#/70.9kg

  10. Jon says:

    Snatch: 155 – ties my Snatch PR. I had 165 high enough, but wasn’t aggressive (that’s code for I got it up and then just dropped it down without trying to get under it at all – no dip, no knee-bend, nothing. I think it’s because I suck)

    Clean & Jerk: 185. I expected this to be rough when standing up the clean felt super heavy. I solved this by just power cleaning the rest. I failed the jerk on 185 twice, then hit it for my 2nd lift. 3rd lift I decided to go for 205, which would have tied my PR, but I failed the jerk.

    Total: 340, which is 50# PR for the total

    Nice lifting with Mr. Thi!

  11. MOD workout for me (though I REALLY wanted to do this one!)
    165 Front Squat PR

  12. clawson410 says:

    58+ 83 = 141
    Shoulder not with me today!

  13. salbec says:

    Slowly easing back to lifting off the floor..back still recovering so not pushing for PRs today. Thanks KC for working together! Recovery WODders ROCK. hehe

    Total = 191 lbs / 86.8 kg
    Snatch = 78 lbs
    C&J = 113 lbs (hpc and slow on the squat)

  14. weealip says:

    Snatch = 113lbs

    Clean & Jerk = 133lbs

    Total = 246lbs

    No PR’s on the lifts individually (I have snatched 118lbs before and C&J 143lbs) but an overall PR for the olympic total.

  15. Wooster22 says:


  16. Laura Anhalt says:

    103# snatch PR
    123# C&J tie with PR
    Oly Total: 226🙂

  17. Dean says:

    Snatch: 115#
    Clean and Jerk: 155#
    Total: 270#

    Not happy with either lift. I have C&J 175#. Very Frustrated with my lifts today. However, first time to do both together like this.

  18. TonyH says:

    A) 130
    B) 155

  19. Justin M says:

    Home WOD today.
    A) 155# (20# PR)
    B) 185# (Failed on the jerk at #205) Burned out after Snatch due to my hiatus from working out the past week due to adjusting to fatherhood. I know I can get more!

    Total: 340#

  20. ched20 says:

    A) 185 tied pr
    B) 245 tied pr (had 255 if I had not push pressed it an inch or so)
    Total – 430 lbs – PR (since I’ve never done Olympic total before)
    Good lifting with Monroe “Skinny Bones” Miller

  21. Scott S says:

    135 Snatch
    165 C&J
    300 Total

  22. Kevin P says:

    340 (54# PR from 110928)
    Snatch: 145 (ties PR)
    C&J : 195 (ties PR)

  23. Ashley Zelinski says:

    Great coach tonight! So thankful for all her help with learning the correct movements. She modified for me and did all but the squat in the movements. Not real impressed with my weights but I know with hard work I’ll get there. 5:30 class you rocked tonight!
    Snatch was 47 pounds.
    Clean and Jerk 47 pounds.

    • Wee Ali says:

      You were great Ashley!!! Yes the mods for you were going from the hang in both the snatch and clean and receiving the bar above parallel (not going into the squat). You are strong lady, I know these numbers will go up quickly🙂

  24. KJD says:

    125 Snatch
    185 Clean and Jerk

  25. monroemiller says:

    WOD: 390 = 165PR / 225

  26. Amanda Esposito says:

    103# snatch
    133# C&J

    236 total

  27. Sarah/Other Sarah says:

    300 (125 snatch/175 clean and jerk) 53# improvement.

  28. Min says:

    Snatch: 93# (10# pr) need to work on keeping the bar close to the shin and flatter back. Thanks Coach Ali.
    C&J: 108# (13# pr)

    Total: 201#

  29. hwmarchwicki says:

    Snatch: 120#
    Clean & Jerk: 155#
    Total: 175#

  30. Rebecca B says:

    Snatch 70#(5#pr)
    C&J 95#
    OLY total 165# (10# increase)
    I was able to get 103# overhead on the C&J but had a slight press to lock it out

  31. Matt McG. says:

    Snatch: 95#
    C&J: 145#
    Total: 240#
    Weak sauce

  32. Monach says:


    Clean and Jerk-146#


    Thanks Jon!

  33. Diane says:

    Snatch: 57#
    C&J: 72#

    Focused more on improving my technique and ran out of time to add more weight

  34. Shaun says:

    Snatch – 135
    C&J – 165
    Total 300

    Still working on getting the form down. Can only go up from here!

  35. Megan says:

    Total- 186

    Tried to go up in weight too quickly:(

  36. Atacan says:

    Mostly worked on form.
    75# Snatch
    115# C&J
    Oly Total 190#

  37. Larry says:

    Power Snatch -93#
    clean and jerk -125
    Clean and press – 135
    Total 218/228

  38. Kasey says:

    Snatch #83
    C&J #123

  39. Alaina V says:

    65 and 85lbs

  40. Jeff H says:

    155 and 185. 185 was supposed to be a warm up but the back gave up on me

  41. Karen says:

    snatch: 103 & CJ: 133

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