Gymnastics Seminar for CrossFitters

Posted: August 28, 2012 by Todd Katz in General, Uncategorized

Hammer Down Crossfit FlyerGymnastics Based Clinic for CrossFitters

Register On-line but register as EVENT.
Price: 100.00 per athlete
When: Saturday November 17th 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM
You can register online under events. You will be charged after you register.
This is limited to 50 athletes so please register as soon as possible. If we don’t fill it by September 15th, I will advertsie this to other CrossFit boxes in the area.

This is a 4 hour clinic taught by Mike Polifko, a USA Gym-nastics Professional Member for over 10 years, a competitive men’s gymnastics coach and former competitive gymnast who has served as an adjunct professor at George Mason University and is currently a PE teacher in FCPS. This clinic is designed to improve and help you better un-derstand the core gymnastics elements common in CrossFit like muscle ups, handstand progressions, pullup variations, and gymnastics based plyometric drills.

The clinic will also expose you to thoughtfully designed coordination drills used by elite gymnasts that will improve your multi-limb coordination and movement efficiency. Most importantly, athletes will partake in a scientifically proven yet rigorous flexibility regimen that is guaranteed to instantly help you gain better range of motion across all joints and teach you strategies to help loosen up after a rig-orous WOD. Regardless of whether you’re an experienced CFer or a beginner, this clinic will help you attain or surpass your CF gymnastics based goals.

Highlights: Muscle-Up Progressions Handstand Tips and Pointers Handstands progressions: ranging from Static holds, walking handstands and HS Push Ups “Kipping Techniques” on bars and Rings “Butterfly” Pullups – doing and spotting Coordination Drills and Locomotor Skills Use of Instant Video Feedback Safe Partner Spotting Techniques Introduction to specialized gymnastics tools and aids

  1. stricklin says:

    I ran away from the circus to get a desk job. Some day I want to go back, so this is the seminar for me.

  2. Amanda Esposito says:


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