Friday: 120921

Posted: September 20, 2012 by Todd Katz in WODs

Friday WOD:

A) 2K Row

B) Skill Work: Pick two and work them. Coaches, you have full authority to enforce the burpee penalty for anyone not working their skills. Handstands, Handstand Walking, Pistols, Rope Climbing, Muscle Ups/Transitions or Box Jumps, Double Unders. Bupree Penalty = 15 Burpees 1st violation.

Compare to: 120217

  1. Alex F says:

    7am open

  2. Nelson says:

    7AM open – need another rest day

  3. Monica says:

    7am open

  4. ched20 says:

    7:39 – Need to work on pacing.

  5. fnotarangelo says:

    7:38 row

  6. Amanda Esposito says:

    9:02 row

  7. kase says:

    Angie used to row for my rowing club!

  8. Dean says:

    7:55 – Need to ensure that my shirt doesn’t get in the way.

  9. Ian says:

    Nice to beat NickyB in something!

  10. Atacan says:

    A) 2K row in 8:48
    B) worked on Double Unders for about 20 mins. Made some good progress getting 2 to 3 in a row, but still have a lot to go

  11. Min says:

    9:00 row
    worked on rope climb. woohoo! I did 3 of them
    worked on HSPU. can now do them with 2 abmats.
    worked on pistols.
    and worked on faster elbows for my cleans.

  12. NickyB says:

    Handstands and a couple attempts @ muscle ups.
    Ian, don’t get too excited, I’ll kick your ass next time.

  13. Jamie K says:

    sorry, my Noon is open – work pulled me away. really wanted to work on some things😦

  14. Rebecca B says:

    A. 9:56
    B. worked on DUs and worked with barbell on pulling from the floor, shrug, etc

  15. Mark Loper says:


    And worked on my cleans. – Thanks Todd.

  16. Leo says:

    8:11 2k Row

  17. Larry says:

    Me legs barely function. Still sore from Wednesdays’ front squats.

  18. rmalisko says:

    A. 7:35 (PR by 26 seconds!)
    B. worked on DUs and cleans pulling from floor, shrug, etc

  19. Scott says:

    8:10 (legs shot from Wed; 1 sec slower than last time)
    pull-ups (bad move to do pullups before the row) & DU

  20. Kaedra says:

    A. 10:36…slowed down there in the middle, need to keep the pace
    B. 15 pull ups, 880 jog, 50 single unders…working on it!

  21. Jeff Milam says:

    7:15……… I could only use my legs for the first 400m after that just kept them bent and used upper body until the last 200m then used some leg again…..Damn front squats on Wednesday. Next time try for 6:45ish (with legs)

  22. Gary S. says:

    My 6:30 spot is open tonight

  23. Monach says:

    8:31 row

  24. Mirza says:

    7:41 row, wrkd DUs

  25. Karen says:

    Thanks for the fun mod Casey!!🙂
    10 ring pull thingys, 10 weighted SU (#25), 10 hip raise 1 leg levers, 10 dumb bell fly things
    5 rounds w 20# db, 5 rounds w 15# db

  26. Wee Ali says:

    A) 8:30

    B) Split jerks and muscle up’s

  27. shirey03 says:

    7:25 row

    Worked on DU’s

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