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Posted: September 21, 2012 by Todd Katz in WODs
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REMINDERS: Sign ups for Halloween Havoc, October 27th. Deadline is approaching. Cost is 25 dollars. Tons of fun coming your way.

Gymnastics Seminar November 17. cost is 100 dollars. Want better handstands? Pullups? Muscle ups? This is a 4 hour seminar and has been highly regarded at CrossFit Oldtown and CrossFit Lorton.

Are you new to our community and find learning the clean, snatch, deadlift, double under frustrating? Think about the Jump Start Program. First session is coming up in October. Email me if you are unsure or have any questions.

50-35-20 reps of:
Wall balls 10 ft target 20/16

Post time to comments:

Coach’s Notes: This was a mainsite WOD in August. You can check over there to compare your result with the rest of the world.

  1. Brian Kennedy says:

    7am open, not going to make it tomorrow

  2. Morgan says:

    2 9am slots open

  3. Jamie K says:

    8 am open

  4. ched20 says:

    8 am open

  5. monroemiller says:

    WOD: 16:24 Rx
    -NO RIPS!!!

  6. Alaina says:

    2 openings for 8 am.

  7. Leigh N says:

    Sorry for late notice but cant make the 9am

  8. Min says:

    27:14 red band

  9. Jean says:

    Taking a 9

  10. Alex F says:

    9am open

  11. Salbec says:

    Push press (45#) in place of wallballs
    Rx pull-ups and double unders.

  12. Laura Anhalt says:

    DNF 273reps
    double unders slowed me down

  13. NickyB says:

    24:47 RX

  14. Rebecca B says:

    DNF 50-35 + du
    Red band, 9′ target, singles
    Started on du

  15. Lynda P says:

    DNF 50, 35, + 15 WB
    Blue band for first 60 pullups, then green. 14# ball

  16. Larry says:

    27:42. Skinny orange band, 16#WB, 4x singles

  17. Casey says:

    26:57 Used a band for about 10 reps, no band for the rest. single unders

  18. Leigh N says:

    Did at home

    18:30 – Pushups instead of pullups because of cut on hand, 16#w 9ft, du’s

  19. Todd Katz says:

    18:12 rx

  20. Drewish Princess says:

    15:32 rx

  21. Scott says:

    5 mile run (9 min pace)

  22. Joe says:

    Sunday makeup WOD at NickyB’s garage box:
    20:55 Rx

    Thanks again Nick for opening up the garage for me.

  23. katelyn says:

    50 PU (red band), 50 DUs (and a lot of extra singles to get there), 50 WB 16#
    35 20″ box jumps (subbed pull ups), 16 DU’s

  24. Jean says:

    24 min, bands for pull ups…all of them!

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