Wednesday: 120926

Posted: September 25, 2012 by Todd Katz in WODs
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For Time


Ring Dips
Burpee Box Jumps 24/20
Air Squats
Slam Balls 30/25
Ab Mat Situps

Post time to comments:

  1. Ian says:

    7am is open…will try to make 10:30

  2. Frank O says:

    Anyone interested in signing up as a team? I have 3 and looking for a few more. More the merrier!

  3. Jon W says:

    My 6am is open.

  4. Min says:


  5. stricklin says:

    7am open. Switching to 5:30.

  6. Gary S. says:

    My 7AM is open. I am going at 6AM.

  7. Nelson says:

    7AM open

  8. dbmorgan02 says:

    22:02 (SB@15, Red Band, and Pushup/Step Up) started on Air Squats

  9. Susan says:

    18:32 (red band dips)

  10. Thi Pham says:

    17:54 Rx

    Note: Started on sit ups

  11. Mark Loper says:

    13:40 red band for dips.
    As a bonus I did my first 10 in a row double unders after class. previous max was 2!! Maybe I finally get it???

  12. Matt V says:

    13:10 RX

  13. kase says:

    21:41 or 22:41 – can’t remember which one
    all rx except for middle 15 ring dips, used the skinny orange band

  14. Joe says:

    14:15 Rx (started on burpee box jumps).

    Good to see you Leo!

  15. Alex F says:

    16:27 RX

  16. KDogg says:

    16:03, Blue Band

  17. Derrick J. says:

    19:50 (ring row mod)

  18. Leo says:

    19:56 started on BBJ red band for RD
    That hurt

  19. Dean says:

    17:15 red band for ring dips.

  20. Jon says:

    14:18, I think.

    I woke up with a ganky shoulder, and thought I’d just work through things and be ok. It was ok, only really bothered me on the Burpees, slam balls, and ring dips. But it feels fine now, so I guess ignoring the pain that slowed me to a crawl in the burpees was a good thing?

  21. Evva says:

    18:32 Red band RD, 20# SB

  22. thumper says:

    1030 open -shooting for the 12

  23. Larry says:

    5:30 open. Going at noon

  24. 11:30-blue band for ring dips cause not supposed to be doing ring dips!!

  25. Atacan says:

    18:40; all Rx except red band on ring dips

  26. Dave C says:

    15:04 Rx

  27. 14:18 red band on ring dips

  28. Kelly says:

    15:35, red band rd, 15# sb

  29. Rich T. says:

    14:10 rx

  30. Min says:

    15:31 red band

  31. LoriSam says:

    15.10 red band

  32. ilsa says:

    18:51, red band, 20# SB

  33. Christopher Nelson says:

    16:43 Red bands on ring dips

  34. Leigh N says:

    12:33 Red band ring dips

    Happy Birthday Todd!

  35. Larry says:

    18:49. 25#SB, red band dips

  36. Jean says:

    11:..ish, blue band for dips,

  37. matt noto says:

    13:54, red band for dips (still getting hand back into it)

  38. Mirza says:

    18:17, red band dips, 25# ball, 20

  39. Jeremy M says:

    17:59 Red band, 25# ball

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