Thursday: 121018

Posted: October 17, 2012 by Todd Katz in WODs

Reminder: Tonight’s 6:30 PM Class is for the Nutrition Seminar. No training at this hour.


1000 meter row
45 pound Thruster, 50 reps
30 pull-ups

Post time to comments.

Compare with: 100901

  1. Jeff H says:

    9:45 RX

  2. Alaina says:


    45lbs, blue band

  3. Joe says:

    9:21 Rx

    My body was feeling the impact of the Monday thru Wed WODs.

    • Joe says:

      Row – 3:40
      Thrusters – 3:45 – my legs were jello for this part
      Pullups – 1:56 – only did 7 reps on the first set (the weighted pullups and dumbbell complex from Wed killed my grip and strength)

  4. NickyB says:

    9:53 RX (PR)

  5. kase says:

    12:41 rx
    side note: this was one of the first workouts I did at Hammerdown – two years ago did 35# and on the green band. awwwweeee, little baby crossfitter!!!

  6. Alex F says:

    11:50 rx

  7. Derrick J. says:

    13:06 (red band for last 20 pull-ups)

    Really wanted to Rx this, but the pull-ups got me at the end. :-/ Felt great on the row!

  8. Gary S says:

    15:33 (Blue Band)

    I will conquer the pull ups!

  9. KateP says:

    I think 13.57 (red band for pull-ups)

  10. Scott S says:

    11:35, red band, first half of pull ups were strict

  11. Jason S says:

    9:51 RX

  12. Dean says:

    11:28 Rx; I need to keep working the pull ups and learning to kip.

  13. Jeffrey Milam says:

    wasnt intending on coming in for 5:30 until I just saw the workout. Class is full but going to try to fit in.

  14. Matt V says:

    9:05 RX

    Splits (for future reference):
    Row: 3:30
    Thrusters: 2:28

  15. HALEY says:

    13:42 Rx

  16. Mark Loper says:

    AAAARRRGUH!! meeting went long😦 Really wanted to do this one. You are all rocking this WOD!

  17. Larry says:

    Looking for a 5:30 class

  18. clawson410 says:

    14:27 red band

  19. dan says:


    good job 930 class

  20. Kevin P says:

    Slightly more recent time we did “Jackie” for comparison:

  21. Jeff milam says:


  22. Kevin P says:

    8:07 Rx (PR by about 3 minutes)

    Row was 3:58

  23. Lynda P says:

    15:12, blue band. First Jackie

    Row was 4:39

  24. Larry says:

    14:15 Rx

  25. Ashley says:

    16 minutes.Sucked on pull ups and ended up doing jumping pull ups. I think working out four days in a row took its toll on my arms.

  26. Brieann S says:

    14:27 rx weight but green band for PU

  27. Gary says:

    13:47 Rx

  28. Min says:

    13:42 Rx. I don’t think ‘Jackie’ and I will ever be friends.
    4:22 row

  29. Brian Kennedy says:

    12:43 green band

  30. tanya says:

    12:11 red band

  31. Oscar says:

    13:29 purple band

  32. Kaedra says:

    15 mins, 30 @ 35 lbs, 20 @ 25 lbs, green band

  33. Timbo says:

    8:27 rx

  34. Wee Ali says:

    9:34 Rx

  35. fnotarangelo says:

    12:20 rx

  36. Todd Katz says:

    8:31 Rx

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