Pictures and Videos

Hammer Down CrossFit is unique in that our approach is about building a community of people interested in getting fit through the science of CrossFit. Our members, elite and everyday athletes, are achieving incredible results and reaching new levels of fitness at Hammer Down CrossFit, where we work to marry excellent training with enthusiasm for CrossFit.  We are unlike a traditional gym or health club where you might find yourself working out alone, or paying additional fees for custom fitness classes and group weight training. Every one of our CrossFit classes are planned and led by a certified, knowledgeable CrossFit trainer athlete, making it a special value that we’ve heard members of our community equate to having personal training every time you walk in the door. The CrossFit principal of constantly varying your workouts requires a good bit of attention and planning and we do that for you.

Our trainers take the time to give smart, safe instruction and coaching before every session and coach you throughout the workout. Athletes at all levels in our community are pushing themselves toward new goals, and we believe coaching and encouragement is a critical part of the CrossFit system helping them find success.

You are a key part of what makes us unique.  Hammer Down is a fun community of individuals bringing the intensity it takes to achieve what they want.  Why not come out and join us?

Watch this 2012 WOD Demo Video featuring Hammer Down CrossFit and some of our athletes!

Enjoy some of our mainsite videos filmed at Hammer Down CrossFit by CrossFit Headquarters.